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When you get sued...Don't just sit there...Call us!


When you get sued...Don't just sit there...Call us!

When people get sued...they feel helpless, especially when they know they owe the money.

I understand completely.

And because they feel helpless....they tend to just sit back and do nothing.

Because they think there is nothing they can do

And to make things worse..

...they start ignoring everything....

...including every paper that comes in the mail.



....because....tragically...they even ignore the paper the gives them a right to protect their property by claiming exemptions available under the law. And, by not claiming their exemptions, they give the creditor the right to take their car, truck, household goods and possibly even their home.

....because certain judgments can end up as a lien against their home, like another mortgage.

....and because they may be overlooking an obvious solution to the whole problem.


Bankruptcy can stop judgments.
Bankruptcy can protect property.
Bankruptcy can get rid of debt.
Bankruptcy can take off the pressure.


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If you have too many bills to pay
.....and you get sued

Do this....

(1) Keep in mind that there may be something you can do.
(2) Don't ignore the letters and court papers served on you.
(3) Immediately call and make an appointment for a FREE initial debt consultation.

You can find out for free your options,
....all your options, not just including bankruptcy.
You can find out for free how the law works.
....things might not be as bad as you think.
You can find our for free your rights.
....you may have valuable right you don't know about.
You can find out answers for free.
....there is always comfort in knowing all the answers.

So...if you get sued
.....don't wait,
.....and don't just sit and worry.

Call the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt
Call today for a FREE Debt Consultation.

Call toll free +1-919-646-2654.

The Law Offices
.....because if you get sued and need answers
.....you want John Orcutt.

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