Thank god that heavenly father directed us to your office

Dear Mr. Orcutt:
Greetings! May we open this letter, taking the opportunity to express our thanks to you, your paralegal Tamara Davis, and your entire staff in rendering such a superb degree of expertise in our legal case. With the many hardships our family has endured for several years, it was incredible to us that there was any hope or help for us in our dilemma. Thank god that heavenly father directed us to your office, and found people, who did not confirm our suspicions of the world at large, but who were patient, kind and exhibited a genuine caring, while remaining full of integrity and very professional.
If you want to use us in a commercial, you would do yourself a huge favor not husband is handsome, but I have a face only a mother would love, and best left to Halloween (Ha! Ha!)
In closing, from dry humor, and sincerest of thanks, again, our expressions of gratitude are not enough. We remain,
Sincerely yours,
George and Karen B.

George and KarenB.