Thank you very much

To whomever it may concern:

Due to recent severe difficulties in finances, my wife and I sought help from a bankruptcy attorney.  We first saw a lawyer in Raleigh who felt that our case was too complicated and would require a change in venue request that could prove to be compromising to his practice.  This made little sense to me.  He referred us to a lawyer in Durham.  I then met with an attorney with Wooten and Wooten for a 30 minute free consultation. It was not long before this lawyer told me that my case was too difficult and that it would not be worth his time to take it on.  He said that the only attorney in the State that he knew was qualified to handle this type of bankruptcy case and who had the time to deal with it was Ed Boltz in the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt.  I did not even get all of my free 30 minutes there (at Wooten and Wooten).  I then proceeded to schedule an appointment with Ed Boltz.  I first met with Brenda Schmidt, a paralegal for Mr. Boltz, who spent an inordinate amount of time with me reviewing our financial situation.  She even made a follow-up appointment to review my case with me and I still have not been charged a single penny.  I feel that this firm and attorney are really looking at truly helping me through this very difficult time.  It is nice to find a business that is not only sizing you up for how much money they can get from you in the least amount of time, but who actually have a genuine interest in helping you regardless of the nature of your case.

Thank you very much,
G. J.