Thanks again for helping us

To John Orcutt's staff:

We'd like to thank you and the law office for all of the hard work and time you put into getting our case prepared. We have been able to get some sleep, it was beginning to take a toll on my health.

We had to check our phone to make sure it was working. We had not heard it ring in a while. We have started working with our plan.

You have helped us when we had really given up. It has really made Jerry become better organized and I like that he appreciates things better. Words can never express our feelings. We are just excited that we have been given the opportunity to correct our problems and mistakes.

I was ashamed at first but it's better to admit when you are defeated and clean up. We tried for so long and hard. Your ears should be burning because we speak of you at least once a day.

Thanks again for helping us,

Audrey & Jerry

Audrey & Jerry.