Today we are in a brand new home!!!

(Patty is a paralegal in our Post-Legal Dept.)

I would like to than you and everyone at your office.

Going through bankruptcy was the best thing we ever did.

Today we are in a brand new home!!! Mortgage companies will still work with you if you are persistent and don't give up. Our interest rate is only 6%. We moved in last August.

Also, I just purchased a new car. I called the bank that I had previously dealt with. Because I didn't default on my prior payments, they were willing to finance me and now I am driving a new car with only a 4.5% interest rate.

I just wanted to share this with you because people think that their lives are on hold for the next 8-10 years after bankruptcy. Not So!

Tell people not to give up and to be persistent! We were just discharged a little over a year ago and all this happened before our one year mark. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Lorrie and Victor G.

Lorrie and VictorG.