Want Good Credit? Want A Higher Credit Score?


Want good credit?  Think bankruptcy.

Want a higher "credit score"? Think bankruptcy.

If your credit is already messed up...

....the first step to re-building credit is to get rid of some debt.

Let me repeat that.

If you want to re-build your credit...getting rid of debt is the first step...ALWAYS.

Why? Think about it. Who is going to lend you money when you are still deep in debt and can't even pay the debts you have?

You have to get rid of some debt first!

And the fastest way...under the law...to get rid of some debt is to file bankruptcy.

And...re-building your credit also increases your "credit score".

Want a higher "credit score"? Start by filing bankruptcy

The truth is that getting rid of debt is what bankruptcy does best.

And...nothing gets rid of debt faster...nothing.

Why? Because the faster way to get rid of debt is to have it forgiven...and that's exactly how the bankruptcy laws work.

Heard enough?

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Need to hear more? Consider this:

If you want to re-build credit, where would you rather start:

Your credit is messed up and you still owe all your creditors,

...or your credit is messed up, but you DON'T owe all your creditors.

The second choice...of course.

Most likely, if you are reading this page, the first choice is your situation now.

You know what the second choice is?

Bankruptcy.  Yes, bankruptcy.

Why? Because the bankruptcy laws give you the right to "rip up" contracts...and because ripping up contracts frees you from burden of those debts.

Especially "credit card" contracts. Whether you realize it or not, you have to pay because...at some point...you signed a "contract". In fact...you signed a contract for every one of your credit cards.

Remember when you applied for the credit card...and they said..."sign here". That was the contract you signed and it's that contract that give them the right to browbeat you...if necessary...for money. It's the contract that gives them the right to keep calling you and to hound you for payments.

"Rip up" the contract...and it all stops. The debt stops. The calls stop. The worry stops and away goes the stress of having more bills than you have money.

When you understand that the bankruptcy law "rip ups" contracts...you can understand why so many good, hard-working people...just like you...who filed bankruptcy...feel like they have their life back.

Nobody wants to file...but if filing is right for you...the stress relief of getting rid of a bunch of debt...can be almost overwhelming.

"But...I've always heard that
bankruptcy hurts credit."

That's true...if you have great credit and you can pay all your bills.

But...if you could pay all your bills...likely...you would not be here reading this.

The bottom line is this: If you can't pay all your bills...likely your credit is already messed up, maxed out or dead...or the writing is 'on the wall' that your credit will soon be messed up.

And if your credit is already messed up, maxed out or debt...bankruptcy can't hurt it

You can't mess up...what's already messed up.

You can't max out what is already maxed out.

And...you can't kill what is already dead.

But...with the help of the bankruptcy laws...the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy laws...you can get rid of debt...and getting rid of debt is...as I said above...always the necessary, first step in re-building credit and the first step in increasing your "credit score". 

And the best part is...bankruptcy is the fastest way to get rid of debt you can't pay.  Why?  Because, bankruptcy allows you to get rid of...and not pay back...certain types of debt.  And, by "not pay back", we mean that you these debts are gone...finally, for good and forever. You never have to pay them back...ever. 

Why? Because bankruptcy "rips up" those debt contracts.

It works so well...it will seem like magic.

Now...you owe! POOF!! Now...you don't.

That's just the amazing way the bankruptcy laws work...the powerful bankruptcy laws.

So powerful...you'll feel like...all of a sudden...you have "super powers".

And...all you have to do is "claim your rights" under those laws...and you are on your way to re-building your credit.

How cool is that?

Need to re-build your credit...think bankruptcy.

Want to increase your "credit score"...think bankruptcy.

And...the best news is that you can find out how all this bankruptcy stuff works...FOR FREE.

We offer a totally FREE and totally confidential Debt Consultation.

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