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A place to start:

Find a person with a look of serenity and content and, chances are, you will find a person who has filed bankruptcy. These people are all around you and you will never know. They are not showy. They don't stand out, and they don't brag. If you find one, likely, you will find a person brimming with renewed hope and harboring that secret smile of a person snatched from the jaws of worry and despair, someone ...once again... enjoying a better life.


You have debt problems. You give them to me.

Worrying about bills is what I do for a living. You have other things to worry about. Let me worry about the bills. The problem is: You are "there" and I am "here'. If you were "here", I would already be working on your debt problems. You come in and who knows what we'll figure out. If bankruptcy is right for you, we'll talk about that…and we'll talk about getting you filed for "$0 Money-Down". "$0 Money-Down"! Now that you can afford. If bankruptcy is NOT right for you, we'll talk about other things you can do. At the very least, we'll get you the answers you need...and we'll do it for FREE.


Helping people…Not judging people.

Right now...just remember this...we're in the business of helping people, not judging people.


Living in debt. That's not living.

Bottom line: Living in debt.That's not living. Likely, if feels more like living in your own personal "hell". Want to change all that? Want to get the "hell" out, and literally "get your life back"? If so, you have come to the right place. We'll show you how. But first, think back and remember a time when you had no bills. Perhaps when you were a kid. And, how that felt. How carefree you were, like you didn't have a care in the world. What a great place that was. Want to feel like that again? The secret is to make some bills just "go away". Make enough bills just "go away" and you can feel like that again. But...


Doing Nothing... Changes Nothing

Reality: DOING NOTHING, CHANGES NOTHING. So, let's do something...and let's start...right here and now...by talking about this thing called "bankruptcy", and what it does and what it means.


Bankruptcy:  Making debts "just go away"!

At its core, this is what bankruptcy does. Unlike anything else in the world, it makes debts "just go away" We use lots of terms to say the same thing, terms like: debt elimination, getting rid of debt, killing off debt, forgiveness of debt, defeating debt, extinguishing debt, wiping out debt, flushing debt, reducing debt, and even "debt magic" as in "Now, you owe...POOF!...now, you don't". But it all boils down to one thing: LESS DEBTS MEANS A BETTER LIFE. Say "Yes" to bankruptcy and say "Yes" to life. Too many debts to pay? Want a better life? Think bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy: The faster you file, the quicker you smile.

Once your understand and fully appreciate that bankruptcy puts nasty creditors under control andv makes debts "just go away"… for good, finally and forever, and that, in doing so, your life can be transformed, you know this: The faster you file, the quicker your smile.


Home of the exclusive "$0 Money-Down" program

No gimmicks, no games, no tricks. If you qualify, and lots of people do, you can get filed for "$0 Money-Down".

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Want a "Credit Score" as high as 720...or even higher?

Your credit score is everything. It determines what you pay for a whole lot of things. Want a high credit score... as high as 720... or even higher? Paying your bills "on-time" is the secret. Bankruptcy gets rid of bills you "can't afford" and that let's you get back to paying the rest of your bills "on-time". Want a credit score as high as 720… or even higher? Start with a bankruptcy.

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"LIFE or DEBT"?  Is it time to choose "Life"?

We have helped over 72,343 families… and chances are…we can help you too. Is it time to choose "LIFE"?


Bankruptcy: It doesn't work the way you think.

Bankruptcy does not work the way you think. It never did. In fact, likely, everything you think you know about bankruptcy is probably "NOT TRUE". That's just the way life is. We think we know something and then we find out the opposite is true. It's that way with bankruptcy too... and given the chance... we'll prove it. Find out the truth and you'll find out how powerful and amazing bankruptcy really is. Nobody wanted to get in debt and nobody wants to file bankruptcy, but there's a reason people keep telling us: "Filing bankruptcy was the best thing I ever did!"  Your best bet?  For right now, forget everything you ever heard about bankruptcy, call, and come see us.

Click here for the 16 myths about bankruptcy.


"Man- made" problem: DEBTS. "Man-made" solution: BANKRUPTCY.

Some things only God can fix. Fortunately, this does not apply to debts. Debts and debt problems were created by man. Things created by man can be fixed by man. Man made the problem. And, man created the solution. That why Congress created the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Laws. Bankruptcy Laws: the perfectly legal, ready to serve you, all you have to do is claim it, "man-made" solution for "debts gone wild".


Bankruptcy: The biggest secret, hidden in "plain sight".

The bankruptcy laws just sit there quietly, waiting to help. If they could speak, they might be calling out your name. "Hello!!! I'm over here. I can help. Hello?" But sometimes we don't see answers sitting right there in "plain sight" because we don’t even know to look. TOO MANY BILLS TO PAY? You think your only option is to find more money. You're so focused on figuring out how to get your hands on more money that it does not even cross your mind that there might be "another way". You're trying to find money to pay bills. But, think about it. If you had a lot less bills, you wouldn't need more money. Bankruptcy makes debts "just go away". The solution so close, you can't see it. Make enough debts "just go away" and you can stop worrying about finding more money...for the best reason possible… because you won't need it. Bankruptcy is now, and has always been, the biggest secret hidden in "plain sight".


Bankruptcy:  Turning worried into wonderful!

When you can't pay all your bills, you worry. When worry doesn't lead to solutions, you despair. Living in debt. That's not living. And no one appreciates not having problems, the joy of life and the wonder of existence more than someone pulled out from the jaws of worry and despair. Bankruptcy: Turning worried into wonderful!


Debt blues or dancing shoes?

You have a choice. You can sit and mope or you can get up, brush yourself off, do something about it, get out of debt and get back in the game, with renewed hope, once again enjoying the full flavor of life and the wonder of existence, brimming with energy and ready to dance. It's your choice: Debt blues or dancing shoes.


Bankruptcy:  "Live to bear" or "Dare to live".

How long are you going to grind yourself up worrying about debts you can't pay? Unless it's your mission in life to suffer, there is another way. You have a choice: You can "live to bear" or you can "dare to live". Filing bankruptcy can help. Bankruptcy gets rid of debts you "can't afford", and what's left? Debts you "can afford", so you can, once again, "dare to live". Bankruptcy: Pain relief for those in debt and debt relief for those in pain.


Bankruptcy:  Turning "URRRGGHH!!!" into "Yeeessss!!!"

Nothing is less fun and more vexing to think about than bills you can't afford to pay. Thinking about them doesn't get your more money. It just grinds you up and makes you go "URRRGGHH!!!!". Bankruptcy can fix that. Bankruptcy makes bills "just go away". Less bills and you have less need to worry. Less worry and life is more fun. When life is fun, you think back on bankruptcy and there's a very quiet but emphatic "Yeeessss!!!!!"


Less debt means more "honey".

When you have more bills than you can pay, you pay the price. You fight. You argue. And you bicker with your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend and things get worse. When things get worse, there's no love. And when there's no love, there's no "honey". Bankruptcy makes debts "just go away". Debts that "just go away" don't need to be paid. Debts that don't need to be paid means less fights. Less fights means there's more room for love. More love means more "honey".


Bankruptcy: Turning "debt-down frowns" into "Thank you God, super-style smiles".

The pleasure of the money we borrow quickly becomes the worry, stress and despair of the debt we owe…worry, stress and despair that steals our joy and plagues our every day and night. Thank God for a government that saw fit to creates laws that "forgive us our debts" and afford us a "fresh start" and a second chance at success, laws that allow us to get back to living, free from the burden of debt. The truth is, no one knows joy, calm, peace and serenity like someone snatched out of the jaws of worry, stress and despair. Is it any wonder that bankruptcy turns "debt-down-frowns" into "Thank you God, super-style smiles"?


Bankruptcy: Turning "torn up" into "terrific".

People "torn up" by debts are no fun to be around. They frown. They hurt. They worry. They complain…constantly. People snatched from the jaws of "debt" beam with a quiet joy and peace, stand tall, project positive thoughts, contentment and renewed hope: TERRIFIC!!


Filing bankruptcy may be the best thing you ever do.

Too many bills to pay. Stress, worry, loss of sleep. Loss of hope. No future in sight. No money to live. No life ahead. No way out. No way to turn. What do you do? You can't get your hands on more money, and without bankruptcy, you know you'll be stuck in debt…FOREVER. Filing bankruptcy may be the best thing you ever do. Why? Because bankruptcy gets rid of debt, finally, for good and forever. Get rid of debt and you can get on with your life.


Bankruptcy: So good, you'll think it's illegal.

Can't pay your bills? The "next best thing" is not having to. File bankruptcy and wipe the slate clean. Bankruptcy…so good…you'll think it's illegal. 


Bankruptcy:  The simple solution to an impossible problem.

When you can't pay all your bills and you can't figure out what to do, you worry and stress and lose sleep. When worry and stress and losing sleep doesn't help, life seems impossible. You need to get rid of debt. You can. That's what bankruptcy is for. It's simple. It's powerful. It's yours for the taking. Bankruptcy: The simple solution to an impossible problem.


Bankruptcy:  The fun side of debt.  

Before: Getting into debt was fun. For a while, you could spend more money than you had. That was fun. During: Living in debt was not fun. It sucked away at the money you had. It made life hard. That's not fun. After: Bankruptcy got rid of debt and freed up your money again, so you can get back to living.  Life restored.  Fun restored.


Nobody regrets filing bankruptcy. NOBODY!

Not in my experience. Clients come up to me all the time. The pull me aside, look me in the eye, and you know what they say? "Thank you for helping my family." And why not? Filing bankruptcy solved an impossible situation. How do you live...how do you move forward with more debts than you can pay? Living in debt. That's not living. Working hard and getting nowhere? Call and set up a FREE consultation today.


Bankruptcy: Turning Despair into Delight

People who have filed bankruptcy smile a lot. And why not? Bankruptcy gets rid of debt and saves lives. Bankruptcy turns debt despair into life delight. Wouldn't you be smiling too?


Too many bills: "Shed it" or "Dread it"

You dread going to the mailbox. You dread the thought of even thinking about the bills. You dread losing sleep at night. You want the bills to just "go away". Bankruptcy lets you" shed" the bills you can't afford. Shed the bills you can't afford...and you're on the path to a better life and a higher credit score. Too many bills: You can "shed it" or "dread it". Shed it or dread it. The choice is yours.


Bankruptcy:  Defeating debt daily.

Every day, all across this country, bankruptcy extinguishes millions of dollars of debt . In doing so, the bankruptcy law pick you and your family over your creditors, to give you a "fresh start" and the kind of relief that only filing bankruptcy can provide. Defeat debt and you can "start fresh". Need to defeat debt?  Call today to set up a FREE consultation.


Bankruptcy:  COSTS LESS...NOT MORE.

Think you can't afford to file bankruptcy? That's because you think filing bankruptcy will cost you even more money? NOT TRUE. Filing bankruptcy costs less than NOT filing bankruptcy, or nobody would file. The whole purpose is to save you money, not cost you money. To leave you owing less money, not more money. Don't do anything until you come see us. I think you'll be shocked and amazed at how much money you can save.


Introducing: "0-0-0-0-0-0-0" Bankruptcy

$0 for the initial consultation. "$0 money-down", if you qualify, and lots of people do.  0 nasty calls from bill collectors. 0 left owing on lots of bills, and 0 choice for your creditors, because bankruptcy gives your creditors 0 choice. Done right and it's also: 0 worry, 0 stress, and 0 loss of sleep. Need a bunch of "0's" in your life? Call now for a FREE consultation.


Bankruptcy: Super powers for "Debts Gone Wild"

Debts that pressurize your every waking moment?

Debts that lay you low with ever-present and nagging stress?

Debts that steal from you any chance of a good night's rest?

Debts that make it impossible to move forward, to plan, to protect your family, or to even think

about the future?

Debts that take away your smile and your willingness to throw your head back and just laugh?

Debts that deny you what makes “being human” a joy, and “being alive” a celebration of the

miracle it is?

Debts that have taken over your life?

DON'T GIVE UP. You have super powers: It's called BANKRUPTCY!

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Bankruptcy: Enjoy "blowback cash"

Need more cash? File bankruptcy and enjoy "blowback" cash. All that money you've been paying out on credit cards, medical bills, payday loans and other personal loans could come " blowing back" to you. If you have to have something blow back at you...let it be cash.

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Debt is your enemy. Not bankruptcy.

It’s debt that holds you hostage.

It’s debt that keeps you tied up.

It’s debt that holds you down.

It’s debt that gives you pain and makes you cry.

It’s debt that steals your joy.

Debt is your enemy...NOT BANKRUPTCY….

To read more….click here.


Bankruptcy: Because you don't want to just "DEBT and DIE".

If you only make "minimum" payments each month, how long will it take you to get out of debt?   Does "forever" come to mind?  Don't want to be in debt forever? File bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy lets you…one time… get rid of certain debts without paying for them...many times...massive amounts. That's what it does. Don't want to just "debt and die"? File bankruptcy.


WARNING: Bankruptcy causing uncontrolled smiling everywhere.

Getting out of debt is like winning the lottery. It's hard not to smile. Look around you. See people smiling uncontrollably. Likely, one or more of them has filed bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy: No one will know you filed.

One of these brothers was stressed out, had more bills than he could pay, couldn't fix it, and had to file bankruptcy. Can you tell which one? No? Not to worry. No one else can either. He got the help he needed, and no one knows. Just like he wanted. The truth is, there are people all around you who have filed, and no one knows. Filing bankruptcy doesn't mean everyone will know. In most cases, the only ones who will know are the ones YOU "slip and tell".


Bankruptcy: Makes the phone go quiet.

Phone ringing off the hook? Need it to stop? File bankruptcy and your phone will go quiet. Guaranteed. So quiet…you'll pick it up just to see if it's still working.


Getting out of debt: The "hard way" and the "other way".

If you have more bills than you can pay, you know this. The bills aren't just going to go away on their own. The only question is this: What are you going to do about it? You have 2 choices: The "hard way" and the "other way". The "hard way": Get a second job, put in the extra hours, bust your butt, worry, worry, worry, and just hope you outlive the bills. Or...there's the "other way": Use bankruptcy to make debt just "go away". That's what bankruptcy does best. Need to find out more about the "other way". Call us.


I say it again: "You have debt problems. You give them to me."

Worried about how to pay all the bills. Worrying about bills is what I do for a living. You have debt problems. You give them to me. You have other things to worry about. Let me deal with the bills.


Stop Foreclosure!

Filing bankruptcy can save your home. Pay back overdue mortgage payments over as long as 60 months, hopefully...in low...easy...payments.


Stop Repossession!

Bankruptcy can stop repossession and save your car or truck. Pay back overdue payments over time…in low…easy…payments.


Stop Lawsuits!

If you are being sued for unpaid debts, bankruptcy can help. Bankruptcy stops lawsuits cold, gets rid of most debts, keeps the sheriff from coming to your door, and helps you keep and protect your home and other property.


Think you can't afford to file bankruptcy!

Then you don't know about our exclusive "$0 Money-Down" program. If you qualify, and lots of people do, you can get filed for"$0 Money-Down". That you can afford.

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Others promise. Only bankruptcy delivers.

Nothing is more powerful than the bankruptcy laws. So powerful, you may think "This is too good to be true". You think that because you don't understand the incredible power of bankruptcy. Find out the truth for yourself. We think you'll be amazed at what filing bankruptcy can do for you. Others promise. Only bankruptcy delivers.


Bankruptcy works like magic.

Bankruptcy magic: "Now, you owe"…POOF!..."now, you don't"…as if those debts never existed. It happens all the time.

Find out more...click here.


Bankruptcy: Don't be the one who gets left behind.

Need to file bankruptcy…or think you might? Please…don't wait so long that not even bankruptcy can help. We see it all the time. Don't be the one who gets left behind. 



Bankruptcy: Nothing is more misunderstood.

Many things in life are misunderstood, perhaps none more so than bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is neither a punishment, nor a reward. It is not a judgment on character, nor a test of your integrity. It is merely a law enacted by a government, that long ago saw fit to recognize that good, hardworking Americans, just like you, deserve a second chance at success, free from the burden of never ending debt. A law that forgives debt, encourages hope, and fosters dreams of better times and brighter days. A law that is my honor to apply.


The "B" in bankruptcy stands for "Boom!"

What does "B" in bankruptcy stand for? BOOM! Too many bills to pay? BOOM! Too many nasty calls? BOOM! Too many sleepless nights? BOOM! Wanna change all that? Want less stress and more life? Wanna make some bills "just go away", like they never existed? Start with a BOOM!


Need some "Boom" in your life?

Call and set up a free consultation, and when you call, I want to hear you say "BOOM!"


Find out what bankruptcy can do for you.

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