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Bankruptcy: I Should Have Come In Sooner



Bankruptcy Attorney John Orcutt:

"I wish I had come in sooner."

It's sad. We hear this all the time.

What's worse is people who wait so long to come see us
....that by the time they do....not even filing bankruptcy can help.

Here's the test:

If you can't pay all your bills or have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul just to make
ends meet or're living paycheck to paycheck or're stuck making minimum payments, are already in trouble
....and you know it.

But you have a choice.

You can let life keep tossing you around
....or you can do something about it.

What can you do?

You can call us
....make an appointment
....come in
....and find out what your rights and options are.

The call is FREE.
The appointment is FREE.
The advice is FREE.

You have nothing to lose but a little of your time...time well spent to find out about all your rights, all your options, and to get all your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Then...if you want to wait...fine.

At least you will be armed with correct information about what bankruptcy can and can't bankruptcy really works...information about all the amazing results bankruptcy can provide...and the information necessary to make wise decisions on what to do....and not do... you don't end up being the "one who gets left out"....because you waited so long to come in to see us...that not even filing bankruptcy can help you.

That's the biggest problem...the things you should not do and which take away your rights and limit or eliminate your options.

And...the worse thing is that...if you are like most will do these things not knowing how much harm you're causing yourself and your family.

So...let's talk a little about some of the many, many, things people do that...without knowing it...make filing bankruptcy impractical or impossible...that...sorry to say...take away their right to file or the benefit in doing so.


Here are some examples:

  •     Borrowing from your 401 K retirement program to pay on credit cards, medical bills and other debts bankruptcy can get rid of. Bankruptcy can't get rid of your 401 K loan.
  •     Using precious unemployment benefits to pay on these types of bills. Click here for a whole discussion of the perils of doing this: Don't Waste Your Precious Unemployment Benefits
  •     Using up all your emergency money.
  •     Waiting until your car has already been repossessed.
  •     Waiting until your house has already been foreclosed upon.
  •     Waiting until you lose your job to get help.
  •     Etc.

Please...please...come in and find out your rights. To start...all you have to do is call.

We offer a totally FREE ANALYSIS of your entire financial situation. In-depth, honest, confidential, no-pressure, no-strings-attached. GUARANTEED!

The quicker you set up your FREE ANALYSIS appointment, the quicker you will find out the amazing results you can achieve.

Others Promise...Only Bankruptcy Delivers.

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