Bankruptcy Myth 16 Explained



Myth 16:You Can't Afford To File Bankruptcy.


Most people think they can't afford to file bankruptcy. They say to themselves: "I can't even pay my bills. How can I afford to pay to file bankruptcy?"

The secret lies in getting your creditors to pay for your bankruptcy. Think about it. If you can get your creditors to pay for it, it doesn't cost you a thing. If it doesn't cost you a get to file FOR FREE.

People also think that, in having to hire a bankruptcy attorney, that will drive up their "out of pocket" expense and cost them even more money.

Again...not true. The truth is that...where bankruptcy costs you less money...not more. Consider this: "Filing bankruptcy costs LESS...not MORE...or nobody would do it".

The whole idea is get you more benefit for less money, and to leave you with less you can get your life back. There's a reason that 1.5 millions families filed bankruptcy last year and it wasn't because doing so cost them even more money.

Again...the secret is to get your creditors to pay for your bankruptcy...which also includes the entire cost of your bankruptcy attorney.

So, how do we get your creditors to pay for it?

The answer lies in understanding how the bankruptcy laws work. The bankruptcy laws are powerful and do a lot of things. One of those things is this: Bankruptcy gets rid of certain debts, debts like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, certain old income taxes, and other unsecured debts*, so you never have to pay those debts...ever again. In fact, bankruptcy is the only thing in the world that actually gets rid of debt...finally, for good and forever. It works like magic..."Now you owe"..."POOF"..."Now you don't" as if those debts never existed.'ll think it's ILLEGAL.'ll think you have "super powers".

The bankruptcy laws were put in place by Congress. They're legal and designed to give you the fresh start you and your family need. To give you enough of a fresh start, those laws had to be made powerful...real powerful you may well think "This can't be legal"...but it is. Perfectly legal. That's just how the bankruptcy laws work and why we say...over and over..."Scammers and others only promise...but bankruptcy actually delivers."

Maybe the easiest way to think about it is this: Congress enacted laws that allow you to basically "rip up" card contracts, medical bill contracts, personal loan contracts, and so on. know what happens when you "rip up" contracts. When you "rip up" contracts...those debts are as if they never existed.

And...with those debts gone, you don't have to pay them. Not having to pay them, those payments are "freed up". You can then use this "freed up" money to pay for your bankruptcy. Thank you...Bankruptcy Laws.

When we say that you are getting your creditors to pay for your bankruptcy, we mean it. With their debts gone, you can stop paying them, and then, you can use the money you save..."the creditor's money"... to pay for your bankruptcy.

It's the same thing when we say that "Most of our clients get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE". When your don't have to pay certain creditors, you can use their money for other things, like paying for your bankruptcy. The bottom line is that if you are like most of our clients, filing bankruptcy, in effect, forces your creditors to pay for it.
And that makes it FREE for you. So...I'll ask again: "Can you afford FREE?" You may even want to send your creditors a thank you note.

And better than that, the total cost of filing is way less than the total amount of money you save in never having to pay those debts again. We call this "blowback cash". All that money that you don't have to pay...ever again...just comes "blowing back" to you. You use some of it to pay for your bankruptcy...and the goes right back into your pocket to help pay for the "fresh start" you need and deserve. And...getting you a "fresh start" is what filing bankrutpcy is all about.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  But what about the "up front" costs of filing?  

Answer: "0 Money-Down"!  If you qualify, and hundreds of our clients have, you can get filed for "$0 Money-Down".  No "up-front" fees.  No "up-front" costs.  $0 Money-Down?  Now, that you can afford.  

Want to find out more about our exclusive "$0 Money-Down" program? (Click Here)

* Assumes no equity above exemptions, no disposable monthly income, and no non-filing co-signers, as those terms are defined under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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