$O "Money-Down" Bankruptcy

Need to file bankruptcy ...or think you might... but think you can't afford to file bankruptcy?

The answer: "$O Money-Down" Bankruptcy.

That’s right...for at least the next month...we are offering to get your bankruptcy case filed for "$O Money-Down" BankruptcyNo "up-front" feesNo "up-front" costs.  

If you qualify***, and lots of people do, your get filed for "$O Money-Down". 

Why pay more?  Think about it.  Why pay hundreds or even thousands to another attorney, if you can get the same help, with us, for "$O Money-Down"?<

No gimmicks, no games, no tricks.

Ask the 13,470 families who have already filed bankruptcy for $O Money-Down.(*as of 3/27/21)

As far as we know, we are the first law firm in the United States to offer "$O Money-Down".

And, not just "$0 Down" with respect to the attorney fee, with more money due in the "fine print".  With us, there is no "fine print" calling for you to pay more money.  If you qualify for "$O Money-Down", you get filed for "O Money-Down", pure and simple.  No upfront fees.  No upfront costs.

So, if you think you may need to file bankruptcy anyway, why not get filed for "O Money-Down"?

This offer is so good, and so unique, that we expect our appointments will fill up almost immediately. So, don't wait. 

If you want to see if you qualify for "$O Money-Down", and don't want to miss out, you need to call now.

Day or night, 7 days a week, you can set up your consultation. And just so you know...the consultation is FREE.

EVEN BETTER, from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and certain times on Saturday and even Sunday, you can talk to someone and get answers IMMEDIATELY.

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More About $0 Money-Down Bankruptcy:

Ok, let's move on and tell you more about our new "$O Money-Down" plan.

There are 2 types of consumer bankruptcies, one filed under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code  and one filed under Chapter 13.  "$O Money-Down" pulls on the power of Chapter 13.

Normally, in our office, filing under Chapter 13 required a payment of at $574 "up-front"...or get your bankruptcy case filed.  That is, normally we get "up-front" at least $200 of the attorney fee, plus the $310 Court Filing Fee, plus the $34 Credit Counseling Certification fee, plus $20 for obtaining your credit reports, plus a Pacer Access fee of $10, for a total of $574.  Some attorneys charge even more "up-front".

And, for as great as a filing under Chapter 7 can be in the right circumstances, the law requires that attorneys collect ALL their fees and ALL the costs "up-front".  The problem is that, with regard to a filing under Chapter 7, this means you have to pay "up-front" anywhere from $1,300 to $3,500 or more, depending upon the facts involved.

But times are tough and we want to help.

That's why, at least the next month, with us, you can get filed for "$O Money-Down" (see *** for qualifications).

That’s right, "zero". When we say "zero", we mean "zero".

We have had so many people come in to see us, people desperate to get out of debt and back on their feet, people desperate to get out from under the constant worry over bills, people who could easily afford a Chapter 13 plan payment, if only they could come up with the "up-front" money to get started.

The problem is that many of these people can't come up with the normal "up-front" money for a whole host of good reasons.  

So, I got to thinking.  These people need the kind of help that only filing bankruptcy can provide.  But, they're leaving our office and not filing and not getting the help they need...simply because they can't come up with the "up-front" costs that have to be paid.

I said: "This has got to change.  There has got to be a solution. And, I've got to find it.  These are good, hard-working people, just like me, and we need to somehow figure out how to help them. They'd help me if my family was in trouble. I've got to figure this out."

I mean: "What good is filing bankruptcy, if you have to come up with a whole bunch of money "up-front".  Money's tight, right?  If you had a whole bunch of money sitting around,  you wouldn't need to file bankruptcy."


So, I sat down, thought hard on it, talked to a lot of people, Judges, Trustees, attorneys, staff and others and even prayed about it.  And, this is what I came up with: 

The birth of the "$O Money-Down" bankruptcy plan.

My staff thinks I'm crazy. Why? 

Because to do "$O Money-Down", I have to either "advance", that is actually reach into my pocket and pay, on your behalf, all the "up-front" costs of your filing, including the $310 Court filing fee, the $34 Credit Counseling certificate and the costs of getting your credit reports at $10 each, OR I have to eat about $50 in costs and do the work to get permission for you to pay the $310 Court filing fee in installments "after you file".  Either way, you win.  Either way, I get to keep my promise to you that, if you qualify for "O Money-Down", you get filed for "$O Money-Down".

Crazy or not, I've been doing it, and I intend to keep doing it. 

Why?  Because I'm in the business of helping people get the "fresh start" that only filing bankruptcy can provide, and because I hate turning people  away just because they can't come up with the "up-front" costs that have to be paid.  And, because, in this horrific economy, if we don't help each other, who else is going to help?

So, if filing bankruptcy is right for you, and "$O Money-Down" is right for you, and you do your part, I will  make sure you get filed for "O Money-Down".  (See *** below for the "O Money-Down" qualifications.)

You see I know something you don't.  I know how all the "amazing" things the bankruptcy laws can do for you, and I don't want you and your family to miss out. You know all that bad stuff you have always heard about bankruptcy.  The truth is that almost all of it is "junk", "junk" stuff that is simply NOT TRUE, and when you come in, we'll prove it.  We'll show you how to break through all the "junk".  We'll show you how all this bankruptcy stuff really works.  I think you'll be amazed.  Bankruptcy is powerful, real powerful, so powerful we call it the biggest secret hidden "in plain sight".

Ultimately, all we want is for you and your family to get the help and protection you deserve, help and protection that, if it's right for you, is available RIGHT NOW. 

Maybe filing bankruptcy is right for you, and maybe not.

The bottom line is this:

If you need to file bankruptcy anyway... why not get filed for "$O Money-Down"?

What's more, you can find out all about bankruptcy, how it works, what it means and, most important of all, what it can do for you...FOR FREE. Why?  Unlike some law offices, our initial consultations are ALWAYS FREE FREE, no-strings attached and completely confidential.

And, if filing bankruptcy is right for you, and if you qualify, you can get filed for "$O Money-Down" .

It doesn't get any better than that.

So, give us a try. In fact, don't do anything until you come see us.

Finally, a solution.  Get the bankruptcy help and protection you need and pay "$O Money-Down" .

Want to look into changing your world, getting rid of stress, and ending your debt worries?  You can.  How?  Using the amazing power of bankruptcy: 

   Stop repossessions.
   Stop foreclosures.
   Stop lawsuits.
   Lower payments on some debts.
   And make many debts just go away.

And, you need to know this:  When we make debts go away, we really make them go away, like magic.  Now you owe.  POOF!  Now you don't.  Those debts are gone and you never have to pay them back....never.  Debts we get rid of using the bankruptcy laws are gone, for good, finally and forever.  You never have to pay them back.  It's like getting one giant "get out of jail free card".  This alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars, freeing up money that is better spent, from now on, taking care of your family.  Think about it.  In this horrible economy, "Who needs the money most, you or your creditors?"  Maybe filing bankruptcy is right for you, maybe not.  But if filing bankruptcy is right for you, filing bankruptcy lets "you' choose "you".

Clients...people just like it all the time.  And that's just the beginning, a "taste", so to speak, of all the amazing and life-changing benefits you can get by filing bankruptcy.*

Naturally, results will vary depending upon your particular situation, and when you come in, we will go over all that and lay out exactly what filing bankruptcy can do for you.   But, for right now...

Don’t wait. Call now.

And, please, please, keep in mind that we only have a limited number of appointments available. Like any business, we only have just so many staff.  So, there are only just so many people, just like you, that we can help.

Don't be the one that gets left out. Call now and reserve your appointment. 

Our initial consultations are always FREE.  And since privacy and confidentiality are top priorities, you can feel safe talking to us. 

Night or day, day or night, 24/7, to get started, just click on this button: 

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Call us and see if you qualify for a "$O Money-Down" filing.

*         Assumes filing under and qualification for Chapter 13 case.
**    Costs advanced will be added to the Chapter 13 plan for reimbursement.
***  $0 Money-Down Common Sense Qualifications:  (1) You have steady, dependable, income sufficient to pay your normal monthly living expenses and your Chapter 13 payment; (2) You have not more than $2,000 in funds "on hand";  (3) You need those funds "on hand" to pay for your living expenses and to protect your family against emergencies or other unexpected expenses; (4) You have no money left over in your budget after paying your living expenses and your Chapter 13 payment; (5) You owe our law firm no money on a prior "dismissed" Chapter 13 case; (6) You are less than 6 months behind on all real property you want to keep;  (7) There are no foreclosure sales scheduled to take place in the next 30 days with respect to real property you want to keep;  and  (8) You sign up with us before this "$O Money-Down" offer expires.

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