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Considering Bankruptcy? Here's How to Get Your Questions Answered.


Bankruptcy is one of the most important decisions you may ever have to make. It's not a decision to take lightly, and our office understands that you and your family have a lot of questions. While many of the same laws apply to many cases, rarely is your financial situation the same as another person's. We all have different reasons for needing to rely on the bankruptcy code and just about every reason is as justifiable as the next. To assist you in the most direct and non-invasive method possible, we have created three communication vehicles by which you can begin to explore why bankruptcy may be your best way out from under an impending financial crisis. 1. First, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with us. Our practice serves North Carolina residents in 30 of our 100 counties and we have offices in Raleigh, Durham, Wilson and Fayetteville. We structure these meetings to be confidential and without obligation. That means you are not encouraged to file bankruptcy or beholden to us in any way. We feel that because financial stress can be such a difficult matter with which to cope, it is best for us to be there for people who have questions. Maybe you're worried about a collection agency. Or your bank isn't returning calls about a mortgage modification. Whatever the nature of your debt question, a one-on-one meeting in one of our four offices can help you get it answered. And best of all, there is no charge for this meeting. The introduction of money to a meeting such as this would only apply undue pressure and in many cases, add to your debt load. That is not what we want. if you feel a personal meeting is for you, call us at +1-919-646-2654. 2. Another way to get things started or to ask questions is over the phone. If you can't make it to one of our offices or only have time on your lunch break, maybe a phone call is the best way. We understand that those in serious debt often develop a mistrust of those who want to help, especially given the ubiquity of shady "credit doctors" and debt settlement programs. Too many people have lost a lot of money to these bogus outfits. Please understand, we're here to help you get out of debt using the strength of federal bankruptcy law. If you don't believe us, take a look at our client testimonials at Talk to us in person or over the phone. We've helped thousands of families get through the very same financial challenges you're going through right now. 3. Lastly, you can reach us via the Web. Our site,, has an easy form, available here, that you can fill out for us to call you. If you choose too, you can add some basic information about your situation, which will help us get some questions answered before we speak and thus, help you make a decision quickly about the best way to proceed. It won't take more than five minutes to complete. Again, we know that making the decision to file for bankruptcy is a serious one that deserves a lot of research. Our goal is to help you clearly understand the nature of your debt and how it can best be settled. If you can think of some additional ways to engage us or have suggestions for us, please let us know.

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