Looking for Work in Greensboro? Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in the Triad Area

Looking for Work in Greensboro? Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in the Triad Area

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Looking for Work in Greensboro? Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in the Triad Area

Thinking about your future? Consider these careers

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If you’re struggling to find a job, stuck in a low-earning field, or work in an industry that’s dying out, you may want to rethink your career prospects. Some of these jobs may require additional training, finishing your degree, an internship, or entry-level position to gain the experience you need, but these are growing fields that see workers raking in the big bucks. Here are the 10 best-paying jobs in Greensboro, what education/experience you need to get into the field and info on how to get started.

#10 Marketing Manager $129,860

This job will see double-digit growth close to 13% over the next seven years. To get into this field, you need a Bachelor’s degree in anything business related including math, economics, management, marketing, communications, etc. Because this is a management field, you’ll have to start in a general marketing position, but if you are creative, this could be for you. In the digital age, marketing includes traditional advertising like radio, TV and print, but increasingly also involves social media promotions and non-traditional avenues for promotions.

#9 Operations Manager $130,840

This position tackles the daily running of any type of business and includes overseeing human resources, accounting, sales, and administration. This job will see more than 12.4% growth over the next seven years and typically requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration plus gradually increasing responsibilities in the field. This is a good path for someone who starts out in accounting, HR, or another administrative field then wants to grow their responsibility and oversight. Ops manager is a busy position with lots of action – perfect for go-getters.

#8 Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent $135,540

This big mouthful of a job is, at its heart, essentially a sales position. This type of job requires a Bachelor’s degree in a business field and a Master’s for those who want to eventually move into management. This job is predicted to grow by more than 11% over the next seven years. Professionals in this field either directly sell securities (i.e. investments) to buyers or connect buyers and sellers. This is a good field for those who like working with the public and helping them meet financial goals by advising on choice of investments, insurance, banking products and more.

#7 Natural Sciences Manager $135,650

The sciences are booming in Greensboro and the Triad and this position is growing at a rate of about 19% over the next seven years. A Bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences is the starting point for this position – these include physics, chemistry, geology, biology, and related fields. These managers hire and oversee scientists and are responsible for quality control over the work accomplished. They may work in research, testing, R&D, or production. Rather than spending time in laboratories, this is more of an office-centric job for those with an interest in the sciences.

#6 Chief Executives $219,370

It’s good to be the boss and being the boss pays well. A Bachelor’s degree is typically required, but some CEOs work their way up through the ranks with specialized skills and experience rather than formal schooling however, a degree is usually a prerequisite. These positions are growing at a rate of about 11% and these jobs are in every industry and every size business. Because this is a position of utmost responsibility, it can be high-stress, may involve travel and long hours. Striving to be a chief executive is not for the faint of heart but can be immensely rewarding.

#5 Family and General Practitioners $226,370

This job requires much more education compared to the others on the list with a Bachelor’s and MD degree required. Family doctors are the front line of the medical practice that see patients before specialists and are responsible for ongoing general care. This is a fast growing, high need field with job growth of 18% over the next seven years. If you ever thought about medical school but never followed up, this could be a great time to give it another try. Family practitioners generally work stable hours and don’t have the late night and emergency stress of surgeons and other medical fields.

#4 Internists $230,360

This medical position is a primary care position that typically involves seeing patients in an office and the hospital. It’s a broad position that deals with wellness and disease prevention. Internists refer patients to specialists for ongoing or complex disease treatment and management. The growth is similar to the family practitioners at around 18% and also offers steady work hours and a predictable schedule compared to other medical fields. It takes three to four years of undergraduate study to get into medical school, so this is not a field you can just hop into.

#3 Dentists $238,010

If floss is more your thing, a dental career may be a fit. These jobs are anticipated to grow roughly 16% over the next few years. General dentists oversee oral health and treat problems with the teeth, gums and mouth. A Bachelor’s degree or pre-dental program is required for admission to dental school. North Carolina schools that offer a degree in this specialty include East Carolina University and UNC at Chapel Hill. Dentists work for a practice that can be self-owned, a partnership or where they work as an employee. This career usually offers regular office hours and a stable schedule.

#2 Physicians and Surgeons $253,140

These are specialized medical fields that are more intensive and require advanced training on top of a Bachelor’s and MD degree. The job growth rate for most medical fields is around 18% and these positions usually involve seeing patients at their office, hospital, and surgical centers. These positions vary widely from routine surgery to emergency surgery for accidents, illness and disease treatment. It can be a high-stress, high-energy field with lots of accountability for patient care and outcomes although the high pay may make it worth the extra educational effort.

#1 Obstetrics and Gynecologists $253,820

This medical field is also growing at around 18% and you can tell by the name that these are the doctors that bring babies into the world as well as oversee female reproductive health, treat infertility and provide a host of other services. Obstetrics is the care during pregnancy and gynecology is general female reproductive health. This requires an undergraduate degree plus medical school and consists of both office and hospital work and can require last minute and after-hours work. This is a medical field of high satisfaction ratings despite the unpredictable hours.

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