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Credit: A Powerful Tool, But A Potential Trap For The Unwary

Credit is undoubtedly a powerful tool. In fact, it is in most cases vital to make some of the most significant purchases and investments you need and want to make in life, such as buying a car or a home. Using credit for your every-day purchases can also be beneficial, because you can hold on to more of your monthly cash flow and take advantage of "rewards- programs and other incentives credit card companies offer.

Getting Into Debt

Debt piles up when life happens to throw you a curve. You're considering bankruptcy. You're not alone. Consider a qualified bankruptcy attorney to help you manage the process quickly and professionally.

Starting over? Bankruptcy is your best option.

The fault of today's recession does not rest on the shoulders of those who bought a biggertruck, new plasma television or took an extra vacation. We are in this mess because of an increasingly complicated financial tangle of ungoverned investment products that has long been too shaky to support our country's financial system.

Unfortunately, like so many Americans, it didn't take much for you to find yourself caught in the tide.

Think You Need to Avoid Bankruptcy to Save Your Credit? Think Again. If You're Buried in Debt, Bankruptcy Could Actually Improve Your Credit.

The reality is, for many people buried in debt, filing bankruptcy may actually be the most responsible thing to do under the circumstances, and the best way to protect your credit in the long run.


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