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Filing Bankruptcy Is Not A Sin

This is from the “Ask Pat” link on the CBN homepage.
The question posed to Pat was  is it a sin to file bankruptcy? Pat Robertson:
First of all, you’ve got your life ahead of you and you’ve got to get yourself together... you can do it without giving up your home and everything else. There’s no need in beggaring yourself on these matters... However, all of this depends on your earning capacity. In the Old Testament, they had the Year of Jubilee where debts were canceled... There's nothing sinful about bankruptcy...

True Story:
I had a client that put off filing bankruptcy for 2 years because her minister told her that filing bankruptcy is a sin.
So for 2 years, at the expense of her family, she struggled with the bills, her family went without, and all she did was put her family more at risk.
If you want to talk sin, it seems to me that the bigger sin is to put the bill collectors ahead of your family. Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means you’re stuck in an impossible situation. God loves you... no matter what.

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