How Long Are You Willing To Wait?

How Long Are You Willing To Wait?


Is your life on hold
...until you get out of debt?
How long are you willing to wait to get
to where your friends are now?

You have struggled and struggled to pay your bills?

You have struggled and struggled to do the right thing
...and at no small expense of your family?

And...if you are like a lot of are getting "nowhere" fast.

If you are paying and paying...but never getting out of debt're like a hamster on a wheel.

The hamster works his little butt off...running and running endlessly on the wheel...but the hamster only 'thinks' he's getting somewhere.

If you have ever seen a hamster on a know the truth. He's getting NOWHERE.

Is that you? Are you a giant hamster on a wheel...paying and paying...but never making any headway on getting out of debt?

And all this is happening in what is called a great economy. 

What happens when the economy is not so great?

How will you deal with that?

Have your struggled enough?

Have you paid enough?

Think about it. You have probably paid the credit card people and other creditors 3 or 4 times over.

And for what?

Because you owe...right?

What if you didn't owe? That's the goal right?

Keep that thought in mind because there is another way...Bankruptcy. We'll talk more about that below.

If you are reading are still deep in debt.

If you are reading this...things are not getting any better.

If you are reading this...likely your stress level is through the roof.

If you are reading has to be taking a real toll on your and likely your health.

You can't just go on doing all the same things, can you? As they say in alcoholic's anonymous:

"You can't go on doing the same things
...and then expect different results."

Is it time for a change...a big change?

Have you had enough?

Have you given it your best...and more?

While everyone else is getting you with their lives...are you stuck?

Here's a thought:

What if filing bankruptcy turns out to be
the answer to your prayers?

Wouldn't you want to know as soon as possible. Think of all the time you will have wasted...if you don't just stop...pick up the phone...and find out for yourself...and find out now.

Think of all the time...and will waste if filing bankruptcy is the right solution...and you don't find out about it until way later on.

Do you have time and money to waste?

Take it from us at the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt.

We do bankruptcy law all the time. We have helped well over 30,000 families get free from the burden of debt. We know how amazing the bankruptcy laws are...if only we can get you to stop...look up...and listen.

Those pesky "bankruptcy laws". They don't work the way you think. That's the problem. They work great...but only if we can get you to stop...look...and listen.

Everyone thinks that filing bankruptcy is a bad thing. We know different. If you need the kind of relief that only filing bankruptcy can provide...filing bankruptcy is NOT a bad thing. It's like reaching out for salvation. salvation may be all you...and your family...need to get back to having a wonderful and satisfying life.

Why do your think our "client testimonials" are so over-the-top in terms of thanking us?

Sure...we do our best to treat people right...treat you...with the caring and respect you deserve...treat people the way we would want to be treated. Sure, we do all that

But that's not a reason to file bankruptcy. That's not the real reason people write us great testimonials.

People give us great testimonials because the bankruptcy laws are great...because those laws have allowed them to completely turn their lives around.

People...who come see us...are constantly amazed at what the bankruptcy laws can do for them. Many are surprised beyond belief.

Doesn't that make you wonder if all this could happen to you, too?

Come see us. My promise is that you will be amazed too.

Call us and find out for yourself all the amazing things that filing bankruptcy can do for you

....and you can find it all out...for FREE because...

We offer a totally FREE Consultation.

All you have to do is call, make an appointment, and come in.

And we Guarantee it will be totally "no-pressure", "no-strings-attached", and "no-hassle".

We're not just saying it...WE GUARANTEE IT!

If you come in and we waste your time, you just tell us...and we will pay you $20.00...then and there for taking the trouble to come see us.(see * below)

Don't you owe it to yourself...wouldn't it make at least find out for that...if filing bankruptcy is the don't wait so long too long to find out and end up being the "one who gets left out"?

Please, please, don't wait so long that not even filing bankruptcy can help.

You don't want to be the one that gets left out...not in this horrible economy!

You've done your best. You've done more than enough to prove to anyone and everyone that you are a good person, but sometimes "more than enough" isn't really "good enough".

Sometimes...the smartest move is to throw up your hands and say "I've had enough. I need help. It's time to check out all this bankruptcy stuff...once and for all."

You're in a 'tug-of-war' with your creditors. You have been for years.

Is anything getting any better? Are you winning that 'tug-of-war'?

If you were 'winning' wouldn't be reading this.

The choice is yours. You can go on doing what is not working...or you can take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

You can just continue on the path you're on...blindly committed to pulling on the tug-of-war matter matter how matter what the you and your family

...or you can do something about it...something different.

Let me ask you something: "How's the tug-of-war working out, so far?"

If you are reading this...likely the answer is "Not so good".

Sometimes...the smartest way to get out of a tug-of-war is to simply "drop the rope".

That's right...just "drop the rope"...turn around...and leave.

Somtimes..."dropping the rope" is the only way to get on with your life.

Are you working yourself to death? Are you paying...but never, ever, getting ahead?

It's like your are trying to dig through a mountain of manure with a teaspoon. It can't be done.

There is another way. What if you can put down the teaspoon and simply walk around the mountain of manure?

Wouldn't that be the smart thing to do?

I hate to ask this, but "What's keeping you from doing the smart thing?"

Is it "pride" holding you back?

The truth is that "If you don't eat your pride...your pride will eat you."

Is it time to "eat your pride" you can finally start getting to where your friends are now.

If so...then we may have the answer for you.

Think least long enough to find out the facts...the facts about how bankruptcy really works...and what it can do for you.

Bankruptcy can change your world. How?

All you need to know is this:

"The bankruptcy laws 'rip up' contracts."
That's what they do.

And when you "rip up" contracts...the contracts are gone, done, vanished.

When you "rip up" contracts...they disappear like a soap bubbles bursting. POOF!! They're just gone.

When you understand understand bankruptcy.

When you understand understand why the bankruptcy laws are so powerful...and why we are desperate for you to find out.

It kills me to see people pay and pay...with no future...and get left out...just because they never take the time to find out how Bankruptcy REALLY WORKS.

When you understand how bankruptcy really understand why your creditors don't ever want you to go see a bankruptcy attorney.

Your creditors will tell you " don't want to file bankruptcy. That would be bad for you." What they really mean is that bankruptcy is bad "for them".

Why? Because The bankruptcy laws 'rip up' their contracts. Rip-them-up into teeny, tiny pieces.

And...when you "rip-up" contracts...the creditors lose out.

The bottom line is this:

When you "rip-up" contracts FREE UP CASH!

Let me explain. When the contracts are gone...the obligation is gone...and when the obligation is FREE UP CASH...all the cash you were sending in to the creditors.

All that cash you've been sending in to the credit cards companies...for example...could come "blowing back" to you.

If you have to have something "blow back" at you...let it be cash.

Ripping up contracts FREES up cash...and that cash comes "blowing back" to you.

It's as simple as that.

And...when you FREE UP take the first step in getting to where your friends are now.

File that "one of these days" doesn't have to turn out to be "none of these days".

Come see us. Call today.

* See Guarantee #2 for common sense conditions. Just "Click Here".

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