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Most Of Our Clients Get To File Bankruptcy FOR FREE!


It's true, and it happens all the time.

Think you can't afford to file bankruptcy?

The secret is to get your creditors to pay for it.

And...we figured it out.


Most people think:

"I can't even pay my bills!
How am I going to pay a bankruptcy attorney?"

The answer:

By using your creditor's money pay for it...the entire cost of your bankruptcy...including the court costs and including the entire cost of hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

And...we figured it out!

If this was not true, the fact is, most of our clients could not afford to file.


Want to know how it works?

To repeat, most of our clients get to file FOR FREE...including the entire cost of hiring an attorney, by using the creditor's money to pay for it.

That's how powerful the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Laws really are.

The Bankruptcy Laws "get rid of" some debts and "lowers payments" on others.

For most clients, getting rid of a bunch of debts and lowering payments on others saves a ton of money every month...often hundreds of dollars...every month.

Hundreds of dollars per month in savings on debts that will never, ever have to be paid that is freed-up and can be used to pay the entire cost of your bankruptcy...including your attorney fees and court costs. you will see below...that's just the beginning of the GOOD NEWS!

Why? Because, in most cases, the savings are so big effect...those creditors not only pay for your bankruptcy, but they also end up putting a ton of money back into your pocket.

How sweet is that?

And it all happens because this is how the United State Federal Bankruptcy Laws work...laws designed and created to make sure you get the "second chance" you need and the "fresh start" you deserve.


Let's Prove It With An Example.

Say...for pay $300 per month in "minimum payments" on your credit cards. As you know...most of your minimum payment is just the interest that comes due every month. As you know...if you are only making minimum payments...very little...if any of your payment goes to reducing your balance.

Let's face it...getting you to pay interest...and lots of how the credit card companies make their money...err, profit...and lots of it.

I bet their kids are getting fed...good...thanks to you.

Over time, by extending you credit...and only requiring that you make minimum payments...they got you deeper and deeper in debt. Let's face it. Credit card companies are banks...and profit is king. Getting you deeper and deeper in debt is what it's all about.

You know that...right?

People like you...deep in much so that you are basically only paying interest...are their best customers.

Do you know what the credit card companies call people who pay off their credit cards each month? They call them "deadbeats". Why? Because the credit card companies don't make any money off of them.

In fact...if you are making just minimum payments...but sending in your money every month...month after may be single-handedly keeping the credit card companies in business...especially after the recent interest rate hikes when they "jacked" up just about everyone's interest rates.

The point is that if you are only making minimum will take you at least 10 years to get out of debt....and this assumes that you don't build up any more debt on your cards.

Think I'm making this up. Look at your balances. If you are like most people, you're balances just about don't ever go down.

Want more proof?

Look at your credit card monthly statements. Under the new law that went into effect on 2/22/10, your monthly statement must include information on how long it will take you to get out of debt if you only pay "minimum payments".

The truth is that the credit card companies set up minimum payments so low that your payment is mostly "interest"...on purpose. You see...they don't want you to pay off your cards. Why would they? Remember...they make their money off all the interest you you deep-in-debt is the key.

Back to our example, say you are paying minimum payments and that...even if you don't make any more purchases or take out any more "cash advances" will take you at least 10 years to pay off your balances.

That's a lot of money you will be sending no longer available to take care of your family

...that is...unless you do something big and bold to change your filing bankruptcy.

Add it up.

That's $300 per month, times 12 months in a year, times 10 years. That's a total of at least $36,000 you will have paid in...unless you file bankruptcy,...not to mention how much older you will be in 10 years...likely, with nothing to show for it except wrinkles and worry lines across our forehead...and an empty bank account...all because you sent your hard-earned money to the credit card companies,

...and not to mention how much closer you will be to the age when you can't work or earn an income anymore. can decide that enough is enough...that you have paid these companies enough money...likely $3, $4, $5 or more for every dollar you borrowed...that you don't want to be old and grey with nothing to show for it

...and...instead...file bankruptcy and...because you filed got the credit card companies to pay for your filing.

Get the credit card companies to pay for it?

We call it "Blowback Cash".

File bankruptcy and you can start enjoying "blowback cash".

File bankruptcy and all that money you are paying on credit cards, medical bills and other unsecured debts could start "blowing back" to you.

If you have to have something blow back at you...let it be cash!

How, you say? Keep reading...


Filing bankruptcy gets rid of your obligation
to pay...finally...for good...and forever

You see...filing almost all cases...gets rid of your obligation to pay on your credit cards...and not just for now. We're talking finally...for good...and if those debt never existed.

And if the obligation to pay is gone, there are no more credit card payments to make...EVER. And if you don't have to make any more credit card month...or ever get to keep all those payments in your pocket. With no more obligation to pay...that money just starts "blowing back" to you.

How cool is that?

Let me say it another way. If you file almost would never have to send the credit card companies another dime.


That my would have $36,000 less in payments...the minute you file bankruptcy.

Remember...$300 x 12 months x 10 years...equals $36,000...the payments you would no longer be obligated to pay.


Because that is just how the bankruptcy laws give you and your family the relief you and your family need...when you and your family really need it. Filing bankruptcy gives you the right to simply erase certain debts...finally...for good...and if those debts NEVER EXISTED.


I like to think of it as "magic"
..."bankruptcy magic"

I think of it as "magic" because this is the only way I have come up with to get across to good, hard-working you...just how powerful the bankruptcy laws really are. It's like a great big secret right out in the open...that nobody notices.

Very works like this.

Now you make the wish to be "debt free"...your bankruptcy case gets filed...

...and POOF! you don't owe. (See*below)

Seems like magic to me!

But...nothing happens until you "make a wish" to speak.

Want to be "debt free"?


You make the wish.
We do the "ABRACADABRA". I almost all situations...the credit card debts are as if those debts never existed.

And not just credit cards. You can also get rid of...finally...for good...and forever...medical bills, certain other unsecured debts, debts on cars, trucks, and houses you cannot afford and want to get rid of, past income taxes, and more. All these debts...when gone...can really add up to a lot of extra money back in your pocket.


Can you say "POOF"?

For keep it simple...we'll stick with our example and confine the discussion to credit cards payments.

To continue...for the record...I am not kidding, fooling around, or exaggerating...not a bit...not even slightly...when I tell you that filing almost all cases...gets rid of credit card debt and many other debts...fully, finally, for good and forever.

Next...let's assume...for now...that filing bankruptcy costs around $1,800 in attorney fees and court costs.

The truth is that the cost of filing bankruptcy varies depending upon a whole host of factors. It could be more and it could be less, but...for now...let's just stick with $1, we have a number to plug in.

Could you afford to pay $1,800 to file bankruptcy...if you never had to pay those $300 per month payments again?

You bet you could.

It would be like paying $1,800 to get a FREE $34,200 (equals the $36,000, minus the $1,800 to file bankruptcy).

Think about it.


Would you pay someone $1,800
to get back $34,200?

Of course you would...all day long.

That's some return on investment: Pay $1,800 to get back $34,200.

In this case...that someone is your bankruptcy attorney.

You just got your creditors to pay the entire cost of your bankruptcy, including the full cost of your bankruptcy attorney.


Can you see why your creditors
don't want you to find out
how the bankruptcy laws really work?

Let me stop for a second. I'm not saying that filing bankruptcy is right for you. We'd have to take a close look at your situation to say for sure...but if it is...that's exactly what happens! In our would pay $1,800 to get back $34,200!

How cool is that?

In our example...$1,800 is only about 5% of the $36,000. That means get your bankruptcy case only have to pay about 5% of the $36,000 you save in payments...a mere 5% of the total...and you get the legal right to say 'byebye' to those credit card payments...finally...for good...and forever,

...and you get to keep the other 95% in your pocket.

Are you paying more than $300 per month?

Think of all the money you save your case... owe more than $300 per month.

In our saved $300 per month.

But...that's just an example. What if you owe more? owe $900 per month. Do the math.

By filing most cases...

...triple the savings,
...triple the amount of money you can put back in your pocket, and
...triple the relief.


The truth's like getting your creditors
to pay you for filing bankruptcy.

You're not using your money to pay for you bankruptcy filing. You're using their money to pay for your bankruptcy filing...the same money you would have our the credit card you can take directly out of the payments you would have sent to them...had you not filed bankruptcy.

Think of it as coming out of the creditor's pocket to pay you for filing bankruptcy and to pay for your bankruptcy!

How sweet it that in these troubled times?

The bottom line:


You get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.
You get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.
You get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.

But only if you decide to call on the magic of bankruptcy.

Getting to file FOR FREE is not...all by itself...a good reason to file bankruptcy...but if can't figure out how to pay off all your credit cards in a reasonable time (maybe 2 years?)...or you're just worn out from trying...or you're sick and tired of making your kids or your spouse suffer at the hands of the credit card companies...or think you need to file banruptcy, but can't figure out how to pay for it

...making your creditors pay for your bankruptcy is pretty cool magic...magic you have at your disposal...right here...right invoke at will.


Is it time to make a wish? our get to keep the other 95% of the savings in your pocket...that's $34,200...which you can use for whatever you take better care of your kids...or to put toward a new truck or car...or to pay for college...or to just save for a rainy day (which you are probably not doing now)...or to spend on a well-deserved and long-overdue vacation...or WHATEVER!!

It'll seem like found money...but that's just how bankruptcy works.


Others promise...but only bankruptcy delivers.

You get to file bankruptcy FOR also get an extra $34,200 to boot.

If...on the other're feeling sorry for the credit card companies...don't file bankruptcy...and just keep paying...and paying...and paying...and paying.

But...if you're like most people who come to this website...good, hard-working people who can simply NOT afford to keep paying...who cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel...the truth is this:

When you consider all the money you have paid in to the credit card companies...year in, year know in your heart that you have paid in more than your share.


With all the money you've paid in've probably paid back $3, $4, $5
or more for every dollar you borrowed.

If you are like most people...deep in debt...that's enough...more than enough.

At this point...if you don't pay any more...the credit card companies are not losing a dime on you.

Besides...answer me this:


How would you like to...once again...
...start putting your family first!

Everyone wants to pay their bills...and everyone wants to provide for their families.


But...if you can't do both...which is more important?

Your family...of course.'s your chance to...once again...start putting your family first.

Very simply...filing bankruptcy gets rid of debt...and gettting rid of debt "frees up" your money for other taking better care of your family.

Want to put your family first? THINK BANKRUPTCY!


Your credit card companies got the government "bailout"...this is your chance to get some of that money back?

...or at least avoid having to pay your credit card companies twice.

Credit card companies are just big for example...Bank of America, Citibank and Chase...many of the very same banks that got all that government "bailout" money...tens of billions of dollars of it. know whose gonna have to foot the bill for all those bailouts. We taxpayers...and that includes "you", and your children, and your children's children. In the future...we're all going to get taxed to death...whether we like it or pay back all that "bailout" money.

Well...filing bankruptcy...and getting your credit card companies to help pay for it...well...this is your chance to get a little of that "bailout" money back...or to at least avoid having to pay the banks TWICE.

Think about it. If you don't file your children...and your children's children...will be forced to pay these banks TWICE. First, in having to foot the bill on paying back all the money used to fund the "bailouts", and second, in all the future "interest" you would be forced to pay in order to pay off your credit card bills.

Want to avoid paying TWICE? THINK BANKRUPTCY.


Now you know how most clients
get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.

Is it time to make that "wish"...and get your bankruptcy filed FOR FREE?

If so...listen up.

If you are interested...or if you just want to find out more about how this whole bankruptcy thing works and what it can do for you...we can help. can find out...also FOR FREE.

We offer a totally confidential, no-strings-attached, no-pressure, in-depth FREE ANALYSIS of your entire financial situation. GUARANTEED!

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