First...They Sue You.  Then...They Come to Take Your Stuff !

Are you being sued by someone on a credit card, personal loan, or some other debt...or about to be?

It's not fair.. We agree with you.

Likely, you paid them regularly, every month, for years.  In fact, you have probably paid them 2, 3 or 4 times over.  But now, when you need their help, they won't even work with you.  Likely, you're not asking for much.  Just some time.  Maybe a lower payment until you get back on your feet.  But, all they want is their money...NOW...ALL OF IT.  They don't understand.  They won't even listen.  Instead, they turn the dogs loose and sue you.  That's not fair! 

If you are like most people, you are probably thinking: "I know I owe it, but I didn't think they would sue me over a credit card".  

It's just a credit card or a personal loan, right?  It's not like a regular loan or a house mortgage.  Sure, it's a contract. Sure, you owe it.  Sure, they might have a right to sue you, but, still, it's just a credit card or a personal loan...but they're suing you anyway. And, it's embarrassing.  You've always paid your bills on time and now this.  You're being sued and it's public.   It's out there for everyone to see.  And, it's scary. You've been sued.  Now, you're in "litigation". 

What do you do?  You can't pay the debt. You don't have the money to hire an attorney to fight it.  Besides, you owe it, so what's to fight. Right? You just don't have the money to pay it off.  Likely you've never been sued and don't know what to do. That is scary.  And, it's stressful. Getting sued is NOT a normal, every day, thing.  How do you prepare ahead of time for something you never dreamed would ever happen? 

And, now, not having a plan only makes things worse.  And, you don't have the money.  If you had the money, you'd have paid them. just don't have it.  We understand completely. may be asking: "What happens now?"

Well, first, they sue you.  Then, they get what is known as a judgment against you.  That's the end result of a lawsuit...a judgment.   Lawsuits lead to judgments.  A judgment for all the money you owe, plus court costs, plus attorney interest.

Getting sued is bad enough.  A judgment is worse.  You need to know why:

Judgments give the creditor the right to come after your stuff.   That's right.  Your stuff, including bank accounts, vehicles, homes, household goods, etc.   The key is the judgment.  The judgment gives them the right to look for and try to take your stuff.

They can grab money right out of your bank account.  That's right...they can take your hard-earned money... right out of your bank account.  Can you afford to lose all the money out of your bank account?  When they take all the money from your paycheck right out of your bank account, how will you pay your house payment or your rent? How will you pay your car or truck payment? How will you put food on the table or gas in the car?  How will you live?  How will you take care of your family?  Lose your money and everything comes crashing down.   Then....not willing to leave well enough alone...they can try to take and sell your car or truck and...then your house.  They may even have the right to take and sell your household goods. know who they send to do the dirty work?  The you aren't embarrassed enough.

And, they can keep taking your stuff...again...and again...until the judgment is paid in full. Once they have a judgment, they can sit and wait for you to put more money in your bank account and for you to get more stuff.  And then, they can come take it...over...and over.

And, it won't be safe to keep money or other stuff in your own name, not as long as you have a judgment against you.  You'll feel like a fugitive on the run.  If you have stuff, and want to keep it, your tendency might be to hide it or put it in someone else's name, but that only makes things worse.  Why?  Because, it's illegal and may even be criminal.'d have the extra worry of figuring out  who you can really trust. What a hassle.  That's no way to live.

And, they can invade your a big way.  After your creditor gets a judgment, if they want, they can force you to answer questions under oath.  Questions about your bank accounts and your other stuff, where it is, what it's worth...and questions about your income, what you make, when you get paid, and so on. Really private questions that would normally be none of their business.

And, judgments hurt your credit and your credit score.  When they get a judgment against you, they have a right to put it on your credit record, and that hurts your credit score.  And, worse, it makes is difficult...if not buy or lease a car, rent an apartment, get a loan or any kind of credit, not to mention making it impossible to ever buy a home.  

And, judgments will keep hurting your credit and your credit score for years to come.  Why? Because judgments stay on your record for at least 10 years, and they can be renewed for another 10 years. That's a long time....probably all of the best years of your life.

And, judgments keep getting bigger.  Why?  Because judgments, like credit card balances, grow with  interest.  At even 8% per year, your judgment will double every few years. $5,000 owed will become $10,000 owed.   $10,000 owed will become $20,000 owed, and so on.

And, a judgment can become a lien against your home, just like owing another mortgage.  And, if so, they may even have a right to sell your home out from under you.

And, It's "all public"!

Once they get a judgment against you, it's part of the public record at the county clerk's office...for anyone...and see.

You may be asking: What can I do?

You have 3 choices:

  •  Ignore the judgment,
  • Pay it off, or
  • Somehow just get rid of it.

Ignoring the judgment doesn't help. Unless you own nothing, don't intend to own anything, don't work, and don't care about your future, ignoring it is not an option.  And, if you could pay it off, likely you would already have done so.

Want to just get rid of it?  Likely, you can.

Think bankruptcy.

Using the Federal bankruptcy laws, we kill off lawsuits and judgments all the time.

Why?  Because filing bankruptcy gets rid of debt (including credit card and personal loan judgments)*.  How?  Understanding how the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Laws gets rid of debt is the key.  Legally, using the bankruptcy laws, you can break out of and rip up certain contracts and kill off certain other obligations, like judgments.  When you do so, you no longer owe the debts.  If you no longer owe the debts, you don't have to pay them.  If you don't have to pay them, they are gone, finally, for good and forever.  In a very real sense, if you file bankruptcy, you win the lawsuit without a fight, because filing bankruptcy is your right under the law, and there's nothing the creditors can do about it.

Your right to get rid of debt using the Bankruptcy Laws is so powerful, but so different than normal life, that most people have trouble understanding how powerful it really is.  The easiest way to understand it is to think of it like this: Think of it as  magic, Bankruptcy Magic. It works like this: "Now you owe.  POOF!  Now, you don't". your case...Now, you owe the judgment.  POOF!  Now, you don't.  It's as simple as that.

So, how exactly would bankruptcy work in my situation?

There's only one way to find out. Come see us.  We know bankruptcy, inside and out. It's all we do, year in...year out.  When you call us, we will look at your entire financial situation, including the debts you are being sued for.  We will then show you all your options and answer all your questions.  Maybe filing bankruptcy is right for you...maybe not.  If filing works for you, fine.  If not, that's perfectly OK too. The more people we help, the better...and hopefully, if we help you, you will pass the word to someone else who may need our help.  .

Besides, you have nothing to lose.  We Offer a Totally FREE Consultation

You can get all the answers you need...FOR FREE.  How?   Because we offer a no-hassle, no-strings-attached, totally confidential, FREE CONSULTATION.   We GUARANTEE IT !   We always have.  We always will.

Want to stop the lawsuit before it goes to judgment?

Then, we need to see you NOW...while there may still be time.  Filing bankruptcy can stop lawsuits too...dead in their tracks.  Stop the lawsuit and you stop them getting a judgment against you...but only if you get filed in time. 

In most cases, you only have 30 days from the date you receive the lawsuit papers. Want to stop them from getting a judgment against you?  Call today!.  If you need to file, we need at least 2 weeks to get the paperwork done there's not a minute to lose. 

"But...I don't want to file bankruptcy".

We don't want you to file bankruptcy either, not at all, not unless it is absolutely necessary.  The bottom line is this: If we can figure out a better way, we won't even suggest bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there is no better way.  The fact is that people, like you, file bankruptcy because it is better than the alternative of doing nothing, struggling and having no future. 

The truth is that nothing is as powerful as the bankruptcy laws, so powerful that you may think: "This can't be legal. It can't be", but it is.

Congress created the bankruptcy laws, and to make them work and to give you...the "fresh start" you deserve, they had to make the bankruptcy laws powerful.  Normally, in life, there is no guarantee, but this is Federal law.

Won't filing bankruptcy hurt my credit?

That's what everybody thinks.  The truth is that if you had great credit, you wouldn't be sued...or about to be.

Likely, if you are being sued, your credit is already maxed out, dead or damaged. If so, bankruptcy can't hurt it. Think about it. 

The truth is...debt is the enemy...NOT bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is the solution to debt.

And, if you credit is already maxed out, dead or damaged, the truth is that filing bankruptcy can actually help your credit.  Why?  Because the first step in re-building credit is to get rid of debt, and because getting rid of debt is what bankruptcy does best.

Credit-wise, judgments on your record are often worse than bankruptcy.  Why?  Because bankruptcy on your record shows you had problems in the past.  Whereas judgments on your record...ones you still owe...serve as proof that you had problems...and...that you still have problems.

We'll even show you how ALL of our clients get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.  It's true.

The secret is to get your creditors to pay for it.  We figured it out and we'll show you how it works.  Once you understand the'll understand why we say ALL of our clients get to file FOR FREE.

Whatever you do...if you have been sued or are about to be, don't wait...Act Now!

We offer a totally FREE consultation so you can get the answers you need at no obligation.  Hold us to it.

Want to stop the lawsuits in their tracks. Think bankruptcy

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