The Ultimate Solution: $O Money Down and-then-only $99/month


Our clients are getting out of debt.

Wanna know the secret?

Actually...there are 2 secrets.

The "$99 Debt-Buster"*** and our brand-new "$O Money-Down" program.

The "$99/mo Debt-Buster":

The ultimate "get-out-of-debt-fast" bankruptcy bill consolidation plan.

Powerful, fast and affordable.

Imagine, getting out of debt for only $99 a month.

Hundreds of our clients have gotten out of debt using the "Debt Buster". Why not you?

And, if a debt-buster is right for you, you can get your case filed for "$O Money Down".

I mean it. "$O Money Down".

The bottom line is this: If you qualify for the "Debt-Buster", you also qualify for getting started for "$O Money Down".

No gimmicks. No games. No tricks. If a "Debt-Buster" plan is right for you, you can get your case filed for "$O Money down".

No up-front fees. No up-front costs.

As far as we can determine, we are the first (and perhaps "only") law firm in the United States to offer a truly "$O Money Down" plan.

"$O Money Down" and then only "$99 a month".

Too many bills to pay? Need to get our of debt? Need a solution that is both fast and affordable?

Think "$O Money Down" and then only "$99 per month".

It doesn't get any better than that.

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*** $141/mo for Middle District cases.

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