Bankruptcy: "Super Powers" for "Debts Gone Wild" In a "World Gone Crazy"

Bankruptcy: "Super Powers" for "Debts Gone Wild" In a "World Gone Crazy"

Having "lots of credit" was
supposed to make our lives better.

And, for a while, it did. We could borrow the money we "needed" and we could pay for the things we "wanted".

But now, the credit's gone (or about gone), and all we have to show for it is a bunch of debt. Debt we can't pay off; debt we can't afford; debt that puts the creditors first, ahead of our families.

Instead of making our lives better,
"lots of credit" has made our lives worse.

It all got “out of hand”. Add in a “world gone crazy" and it all got “out of control”.

What was supposed to give us hope and help and a better life has turned on us, and left us isolated and alone, feeling like lead weights that pull us...down...down...down...with no hope and no end in sight.

DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!  You have the power to turn your world around almost immediately.

Have your “debts-gone-wild”?

Debts that pressurize your every waking moment?

Debts that lay you low with ever-present and nagging stress?

Debts that steal from you any chance of a good night's rest?

Debts that make it impossible to move forward, to plan, to protect your family, or to even think about the future?

Debts that take away your smile and your willingness to throw your head back and just laugh?

Debts that deny you what makes “being human” a joy, and “being alive” a celebration of the miracle it is?

Debts that have taken over your life?

DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. You have the power to make positive changes starting right now.

Are you “at wits end” as to what to do?

One thing you know for sure. “Doing Nothing Changes Nothing!” Think about it.

Not dealing with your debts won’t keep your debts from dealing with you.

To make things worse, the economy is in the toilet. As a result, the world has gone crazy, really crazy, insane, and there’s no end in sight.

In our hearts, we all know it. We just don’t want to admit it for fear that admitting it will make it true, even if it’s not, or because admitting it will make it all “too real”.

Are you living the reality of a life of “debts-gone-wild”?


Let me take you, if you will, on a journey to an alternate universe, the universe of less debt and less stress and more hope, a universe where you can claim the forgiveness of debts and the salvation of the "fresh start" you need.

Let me introduce you to the universe
of bankruptcy "super-powers”.

When we say “bankruptcy”, what we are really referring to is a set of laws, bankruptcy laws. These are U.S. Federal laws, laws created specifically to help good, hard working people, just like you.

The bankruptcy “laws”, by themselves, are “dull...dull...dull”.

Just words on a page, dull, lifeless and uninspiring.

But, when these words are put into action, “amazing” things can happen, things so amazing that many people are surprised beyond belief and sometimes even shocked. Shocked to find out that something this good actually exists. Shocked to realize that this kind of help has been there all along, "hidden in plain sight".

People can’t believe that there is something out there that great, that powerful, something out there that really, actually works.

People are so used to being disappointed that it’s hard to believe there is any good in the law for them; no salvation, no hope, except what we dig out by their own hard work and exhaustion.

So many broken promises by our leaders make us all wonder what to believe in, if we can believe in anything.

The bankruptcy laws are the “real McCoy”.
Put into action, they can be the salvation
you need, the answer to your prayers.

Invoke these “dull” bankruptcy words and start to work wonders in your life.

These words are so powerful that, all of a sudden, having invoked their powers, you will feel like a “super-hero” with “super-powers”.

Super-powers, long ago created and hidden away in these “dull” words.

Super-powers, "hidden in plain sight", there for you to claim and invoke when the “time is right”.

Is the time right for you?

Using these Bankruptcy “super-powers”, you can:

Make certain debts simply “disappear”.

“Freeze” all your creditors in place.

Throw a “protective shield” around things you own.

Make your phone suddenly go "silent” and

"Create and call forth" a new reality.

Now, that’s power.

You can literally change your reality.

You can move you and your family from a universe where your debts have “gone wild”, where the phone never stops ringing, where you have no choices and no control, where you are and remain under the power of your creditors, to, instead, an “alternate universe”, that looks exactly the same, but where it’s quiet and where many, if not most, of these problems don’t exist and where you get to focus on something other than your debts.

Or, you can just keep waiting, waiting for something good to happen, or worse, waiting for our government to “fix it”.

Ask yourself this: "How long am I willing to wait for 'nothing' to happen?"

Is it time to “take the law in your own hands"?
The “bankruptcy” law, that is.

The super powers you see on TV and in the movies? Entertaining, yes, but NOT REAL. Bankruptcy “super-powers”? TOTALLY REAL.

If you qualify for these “super-powers” (and most people do), they are there, right now, waiting to be claimed.

Claim your bankruptcy supers-powers and you can bring those “dull” bankruptcy words to life.

Claim your bankruptcy super-powers and you will have taken the first big step toward taking control and “fixing it” yourself.

Mom and Dad, your kids already think you are “Wonder Woman” and “Superman”.

But...I sure don’t feel like it...struggling to keep your head above water, wondering fearfully whether tomorrow will be any better, having no sure answers, no help on the horizon, and no sleep at night.

Have you had enough?
Is struggling really getting you where
you need to get?

The government....try as they might...has not been able to figure this one out. If we are going to get out of the mess of this horrible economy...we are going to have to do it ourselves. That’s the way it should be anyway.

We must stand on our own 2 feet and do what we need to do.

Is it time to get back to feeling like “Wonder Woman” and “Superman”?

Need to make YOURS a better world?


Is it time to claim and invoke the “super-powers” of bankruptcy?

You already have these super-powers available to you. You have had these super-powers available to you all along. You just didn’t know.

Check it out. See if filing bankruptcy is right for you. See if you are “eligible” to claim these bankruptcy super-powers as your own.

If so, and if filing bankruptcy is appropriate for you, you can bring those “dull” bankruptcy words to life, in a matter of days, to serve you as a beacon for renewed hope and as your guide and a blueprint for positive action.

It’s all there in these words, dull as they may seem just sitting there on a page, waiting for you to call them forth.

Is it time to claim and call forth
the "super-powers" of bankruptcy?

Let these words on a page come alive and go to work for you. Let these words on a page bring home to your family the “amazing” results they have brought home to others.

There’s a reason 1.5 million people filed bankruptcy last year.

Let these words do what they were designed to do, to give you the help and results you need and, more importantly, deserve.

Bankruptcy words on a page are dull. Bankruptcy results, in real life and real lives, are not.

Bankruptcy results can be “amazing”. Bankruptcy results can turn around lives sidetracked by debt.

Bankruptcy results renew hope dashed, spirits dimmed and happiness dampened.

Bankruptcy results can mark a turning point, a chance to turn “upside-down” to” right-side-up”.

How do dull words do such things?

That’s the question this entire website was designed to try to answer. Check it out. See the links below. Click on the topics of interest to you.

Call It Debt Forgiveness.
Call it debt salvation.

Call it the answer to your prayers. Call it the right answer at the right time.

Call it your right, your right under the law to claim and call forth those dull words to make YOURS a better world.

Call it what you like. Just call it...and CALL IT TODAY!

Bankruptcy: The government program that actually works!

Bankruptcy: Salvation and forgiveness from those “debts-gone-wild”

Claim and call forth the "super-powers" of bankruptcy. Start by learning more about those powers.

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Foregiveness for "Debts Gone Wild"
in a "World Gone Crazy"!

"Forgive me, oh my creditors, for having to do what I have to do,
for putting my family first, ahead of you.

Forgive me, oh my pride, for not having the energy or time to continue to feed your demands, to just soldier on no matter what.

Forgive me, oh my debts, for you are serving only to keep my family in bondage and denying them the future they deserve.

Forgive me, oh World, for what I now need to do, for not being able to withstand the crushing weight of these 'debts-gone-wild'.

Forgive me, but enough is enough.
I must act so that my family survives matter how bad things get matter how crazy the world gets.

Forgive me, but the world is what it is
...and I must do what I need to do
...even if that means asking for the kind of forgiveness and
salvation that only the bankruptcy laws can provide.”

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