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Law Offices of John T. Orcutt Money Back Guarantee.

Question:  Need to file bankruptcy or think you might?


File with us, do your part, and here's our guarantee.

You will have less debt, GUARANTEED, or YOUR MONEY BACK.

That's right, file with us, do your part and you will have less debt*, GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK*.

Most of the time, a lot less debt. 

The Seven 0’s of Delight

Introducing 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 Bankruptcy

Or, as we like to call it…

…the Seven 0’s of Delight.

$0 for the initial consultation.
$0 money-down, if you qualify, and lots of people do. 

And…after you file: 

0 nasty calls from bill collectors. 

$0 left owing on lots of bills. 

and 0 choice for your creditors, because the law gives your creditors 0 choice. 

Done right and it's also: 

0 worry, 

0 stress, and 

0 loss of sleep 

1-1-1-1-one-won-"won"derful bankruptcy.

Want to feel "won"derful, "won"drous and "one" with the world?

Want to feel like you "won" that "1" in a million lottery?

Be that "one".

File just "1" bankruptcy case, "one"time  and likely you have "won"…the battle against those “one”rous and life-sucking debts.

Wouldn't it be "won"derful if you did not have more bills than “one” can possibly pay?

Don't Waste Your Precious Unemployment Benefits

Currently unemployed and getting unemployment benefits?
Then, this message is for you.

In this horrible economy, there is no guarantee that you will get another job or...even if you do...when.

And...those life-saving unemployment benefits? They are going to run out and when they do...that's it.

Imagine the job...and no more unemployment benefits.

What would (will) you do? Will you look back and wish you had saved some of these benefits for your "rainy day"?

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