Life or Debt? The Choice Is Yours!


Life or Debt? The choice is yours!

Too many bills to pay?  Are those bills killing you?

It is what it is!  

The only question is:   "What are you going to do about it?"

You could get another loan.  You could refinance.

You could enroll in a debt management plan.  You could get some help reworking your budget.

You could just not pay...but...there's no "future" in that.

Or...maybe all you need is, so to speak, a "shot" of bankruptcy.

Think of filing bankruptcy as the "antidote" for what's killing you....DEBTS!

The truth is that many times...the only "antidote" to dying of debts is "bankruptcy". 

The antidote may taste bad...but if it saves your drink the "antidote" anyway.

Whatever you need...whatever the solution is...we can help you figure it out.

So..use us. That's why we exist. Think of us as coming to the "Debt Doctor".

And, in health insurance parlance, it's great because the "co-pay" is $0.00.


Because the initial consultation...the initial "diagnosis" to always totally FREE, FREE, FREE.

I know...I know...that last thing you want to do is call a bankruptcy attorney...but do it anyway.

Why? Because...bankruptcy may just be the "antidote" you didn't know you were looking for

...and because likely...

Everything you ever heard
about bankruptcy is NOT TRUE.

And...when you come in...make us prove it.  That's right...make us prove that "everything you ever heard about bankruptcy is NOT TRUE".

Think about it.  If everything you ever heard about bankruptcy is NOT TRUE...and it maybe...just maybe...filing bankruptcy turned out to be the "antidote" your family needs...wouldn't you want to know the truth about how all this bankruptcy stuff "really works".

In you will find out...filing bankruptcy is the easiest, fastest and most effective of all the options available to you.

It's true.  Want to know why?

Unlike all other choices, the bankruptcy laws allow you to obtain the "foregiveness" of debts.

And, when your debts are "forgiven", you don't have to pay them...EVER...and when we say EVER...we mean EVER.

That's heard me right..."forgiven" means forgiven....and that means...FOR GOOD...FINALLY...AND FOREVER.

How?  Because...

The U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Laws let you
"RIP UP" certain contracts.

That's right...the bankruptcy laws let you "rip up" contracts...that's right, rip them up into teeny, tiny pieces...pieces you then throw in the garbage.

When you understand understand how bankruptcy really works.

And...when you rip up contracts...they are as if those contracts never, ever existed.

Lots of contracts, like credit card contracts, medical bill contracts, mortgage contracts, personal loan contracts, and, if need be, even car and truck contracts.  It all depends on your situation and what you need.

Nothing else works like this. 

Nothing the you this kind of power.

And...anyone who tells you different is NOT telling you the truth.

It works so well...we call it "Bankruptcy Magic".

Now you owe....POOF!! don't.

Seems like "magic" to me. How about you?

Let's move on...

Think you can't afford to file bankruptcy?

I can't pay your bills now...right? in the world can you afford to file bankruptcy...right?

The answer is this:  Bankruptcy does not cost you more.  It costs you "less".  Let me repeat that.  Bankruptcy costs you "less"...not "more"!

Think about it.  Who in the world would ever file bankruptcy if doing so cost you more?

The truth is this. 

It is cheaper to file bankruptcy
than to NOT file bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy gets rid of debt.  That's what it does.  And, if you get rid of debt, you have less debts to pay.  And if you have less debts to pay, you are better off.

But, that not all.  The truth is that you can get your bankruptcy case filed for FREE.

It's true and we will prove it, right here, right now!

The answer is this: By getting your creditors to pay for it.  That using your creditor's cash to pay for it. 

How cool it that? 

You get rid of debt and you get your own creditors to pay for it.

Let me explain.

It works like this. As we said above, the bankruptcy laws let you "rip up" contracts. 

And, when you "rip up" contracts...that gets rid of your obligation under the law to pay on those contracts.  Contracts like credit card contracts, medical bill contracts, personal loan contracts, mortgage contracts and even car and truck contracts.  (Like I said above, it all depends on your situation and what you need.)

And when you get rid of those contracts, you don't have to pay them anymore, and if you don't have to pay them anymore...that FREES up your cash...many times...lots of it.

Think about it.  If every month, from now on, you did NOT have to pay some of your creditors, that would leave more cash in your pocket.

And whose cash would that be in your pocket? 

If you asked your creditors, you know what they would say.  They would say "Hey, that's my cash"...but the truth is that after you "rip-up" the creditor's contract, the creditor's cash...becomes YOUR CASH.

Make sense?  Let me say it another way.  With the creditor's contract gets ripped up, you get to stop paying that creditor and, in turn, you get to use the creditor's cash for other more important things.

For example, you can use some of it to pay for your bankruptcy, and the rest of it to take care of your family.

So...when we say that "the secret is to get your creditors to pay for it"...we actually mean it.  When you use the creditor's cash to pay for your bankruptcy, that means get the creditor to pay for your bankruptcy...and that means you get to file bankruptcy FOR FREE.

That's right.  You get to use the creditor's cash to pay for your entire bankruptcy, lock, stock and barrel. And, that means that, in effect, you get to file bankruptcy for FREE.

In a very real sense, all that cash you have been sending in on credit cards, medical bills and certain other debts...month in...month out...comes "blowing back" to you.

We call it "blow back cash".

The creditor's money...the money you "were" (before you filed bankruptcy) obligated to send to your creditors...comes "blowing back" to you.

All because the powerful bankruptcy laws gave you the "right" to "rip-up" contracts.

And by ripping up those contracts, you change that cash from being the creditor's cash...back into "your cash".

How cool it that?

Don't think you have any powerful rights?

Think again. When you file bankruptcy, you get to use the full power of bankruptcy.

And with it...the "super power" to transform the "creditor's cash" into "your cash".

That's a lot of power...

Bankruptcy "super power"....yours for the taking.

Let's face it.  If you have to have something blow back at you...let it be cash.
And in the process, you get rid of a lot of debt...FINALLY, FOR GOOD, AND FOREVER.

And not only will you get rid of debt...but all of a will start looking like a "superhero" to your family

...a superhero that swallowed the "antidote" and summoned super powers...the "super powers" residing in the bankruptcy laws.

"Super Powers" hidden in plain sight.

Is it time to invoke the "super powers" for your family?

Is it time to "rip-up" a few contracts, get out of debt,
call on the "super power" of bankruptcy,
and make yours...a better world?

If so...we can help.

Whether that's the "super powers" of bankruptcy or something else...together we work together to figure it out the very you all your options and answer all your questions.

And, if filing bankruptcy is right for you, we can show you how to summon the "super powers" you need.


And you can find out everything FOR FREE.


Because our law firm offers a totally FREE ANALYSIS...of your entire financial situation ....with an experienced professional.

We always have. We always will.

All you have to do is make the call, set your appointment, come in, sit down and listen.

Life or Debt? The choice is yours.

Is it time to choose "Life"?

We have helped over
72,343 families....and chances are ....we can help you too.

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