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You may never have a high credit score if you don't file bankruptcy?


If you have more bills than you can pay, and want a high credit score, you may have no choice? Filing bankruptcy may be your only solution.

Think about it. if you have more bills than you can pay, you are either missing payments or sending in payments late. Missing payments or sending in payments late is what is "killing" your credit score. Even 1 late payment can lower your credit score by as much as 90 to 100 points. That's huge. And every month that you miss a payment or send a payment in late is like you taking a hammer to your credit score. Is it any wonder your credit score is so low?

The bottom line: If you want a high credit score, you first have to get back to paying your bills "on time". Paying your bills "on time" is now and has always been the secret to a high credit score.  How do you get back to paying your bills "on time" when you have more bills than you can pay? Answer: The "hard" way and the "other" way. The "hard" way is to work even harder than you are to earn more money. Earning more money is hard work and it takes a long time, and that assumes you live long enough to get the job done.

The "other" choice is to file bankruptcy. The fast, easy and perfectly legal. All you have to do is claim your rights under the law. Why bankruptcy? Because bankruptcy can get rid of the debts that keep you from paying the rest of your debts "on time".


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