Making Sure Your Family Survives......... No Matter How Bad Things Get.

Making Sure Your Family Survives......... No Matter How Bad Things Get.


Worried about your job?
Already lost your job?
Worried about foreclosure?
Behind on payments?
Running out of money?
Running out of options?

Believe me...we understand.

You're a good person and want to pay ALL your bills.

In normal times, you would, and things would be O.K.

But...these are NOT normal times.

Lot's of good, hardworking families are struggling.

It's NOT your fault...It's the economy and it's the government.

First...DON'T GIVE UP!

But...that said, we all need to realize something...not something we want to admit or even think about.

Right now, as we speak, the outlook for our economy is in the toilet.

Very simply, things are not getting any better.

All indications everywhere is that "Things are getting worse", much worse.

So...what do you do? How do you prepare?

The answer is this:

"It's never been more important to get yourself out of debt, and to do so immediately, if not sooner."

Getting rid of "yesterday's debt", so you can plan for "tomorrow", has never been more important.

Pure and simple, the time to act is NOW!

Bad times call for bold moves and, like it or not, these are starting to look like the bad times, real bad times.

Act NOW...while there is still time.

There is no guarantee that tomorrow won't be too late.

Think about it. Why do you think nothing is getting done in Congress?

Why do you think there's so much fighting back and forth in Congress, with nothing getting done?

The truth hurts, but the answer is simple:

Things have gotten so bad on the Federal level that the problem is "TOO BIG TO FIX".

Don't believe me?   

All we need to do is to look at the fact that the U.S. Government is spending more than it brings in.  Very simply, that means that the government has to keep borrowing, every day, every week, every month, just to pay it's bills.  Unfortunately, most of the bills are "mandatory", that is locked in so that hard that there is no way to lower the expense. These are called "entitlements", which simply means that there is no choice, These things have to be paid.  Things like Social Security and Medicare. These are huge.

Then there is the national debt.  The national debt is the total amount of money the U.S. Government owes to people and countries that have bought things like U.S. Treasury notes.  These are nothing more than IOU's owed by our government.  As of 7/1/11, they add up to over 14 trillion dollars.  That's $14,000,000,000,000.  This is a number so big our brains cannot even understand how big it is. To most of us, 1 million is a huge amount of money. Now, consider this: 14 trillion is 14 million times bigger than 1 million dollars.  That means that for the government to pay off the national debt, it would have to pay out $1,000,000 a total of over 14 million times.

There are about 300 million men, women and children in this country. 14 trillion dollars equates to about $47,000 per person for every man, woman and child, and this assumes it gets paid off "without interest".  If you have a family of 4, that means your family's share of the loan that the U.S. Government "ran up in your name" is over $188,000. Why do I say "ran up in your name"?  Because you and your children have to pay for it. The only money the government has is what you and I pay in.  Did you know that?  That means that, in the end, the national debt has to be paid out of our taxes.

You got an extra $188,000 sitting around someplace?

If you are saying to yourself "Oh &$*@", you are in good company.

And, it's worse than that.  To keep things afloat, the U.S. Government has to keep borrowing every day, every week, every month.

First, as a result, the U.S. Government is still getting deeper in debt, at the rate of about 2 trillion dollars per year (2009 and 2010).  That means that the U.S. Government is running up debt "in your name" of at least an additional $6,700 per year.  For the family of 4, this equates to about $26,800 per year.  This is on top of the $188,000 already run up in your name.

Can you see why the politicians in Washington are alarmed and angry and frustrated.

Just paying the "interest' due each year on the national debt can sink our country.

And, it's worse than that.  At some point, the government won't be able to borrow any more money. The truth is that this should have happened already. The truth is that no one and no country in their right mind can justify lending money to our U.S. Government.

Can you imagine? Pretend I am spending more money than I bring in, with no plan to change that.  No one in their right mind would lend me more money.  But, so far, that's exactly what is happening at the Federal level.

The bottom line is this: Our government has more debt that it will "EVER" be able to pay back.   That's not good!

And, this storm is heading your way and my way...FAST!

So, what do you do?

You can just sit there, give up and lose hope, or you can do something about it.

And the easiest, quickest, major thing
you can to protect you and your family
is do is to get rid of a bunch of debt.

And, to do it now.  The sooner, the better.  Immediately, if possible.

And, you can do it totally legally because we're talking about U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Laws. Totally legal stuff, there for you to claim.

Wall Street got its bailout.'s your turn.  How?
By letting the bankruptcy laws bail you out.

Otherwise, every day you pay on bills that take away from your family, you are only digging a deeper hole.

Make sure your family survives no matter how bad things get.

If there was ever a good reason to use the bankruptcy laws, it right now.

Getting rid of "yesterday's debt" is your best play.

That's what the bankruptcy laws are for.

Whether you realize it or not...all along...
...the bankruptcy laws have been sitting there waiting to bail you out.

All you have to do is claim them.'s the time.

Again...Bad times call for bold moves.

Again...Let's make sure your family survives no matter how bad things get.

Find out more and find out for FREE.

Everyone wants to pay their creditors...and everyone wants to take care of their families.

Let's face it....if you can't do both...which is more important.

Your family of course.

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