Our $99/mo "Debt Buster" Plan

Our $99/month "Debt Buster"

“Finally!  A solution that's both powerful and affordable.  The Debt-Buster is the 'ultimate' in debt consolidation plans.  It’s powerful, cheap, easy, and it’s your lawful right.”

"Consolidate Your Bills For Only $99/month!"

Do you want to be "debt-free" from all those credit card bills, overdue medical bills, personal loans, and other unsecured debts?  How would you like to do it all for only $99 per month?  Imagine not having any financial strain!  Imagine only making payments you can actually afford!

Well, good news!  If you qualify, you can eliminate your debt for good, and it’s all made possible by the new bankruptcy laws.

Wait, did we just say bankruptcy?  Bleh!  What an awful word!  Let us clarify:  the bankruptcy of then is different from the bankruptcy of now.  These new laws allow debt-savings that wasn’t possible before.  We like to call it “Filing for Liberty”.

"Filing for Liberty" means being free and liberated from crushing debt that grows and grows each day. 

"Have you asked yourself these questions?"

  • "How long am I willing to keep putting my creditors ahead of my family?"
  • "How much pain, delay, sacrifice, and disappointment can my family stand?"
  • "If I don't do something now, will I be any better off in 2 years?"
  • "How long am I willing to keep my life on hold just to keep paying on bills I really can't afford?"

John T. Orcutt helps people just like this, and yourself, every day.  John T. Orcutt  has taken great satisfaction in helping over 72,343 North Carolina families just like yours get out of debt and be free of sleepless nights and constant worry.  You can't help this many families and not get good at what you do.  Why choose anyone but John Orcutt?

John Orcutt’s initial consultations are always FREE.  Privacy and confidentiality are top priorities, so you can feel safe talking to us. Night or day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, just click on this button:

At your FREE appointment...ask about the <b> $99/month Debt-Buster plan**** (AND our exclusive $0 Money Down program) </b>.  It could be the best move you ever make.


1) "How about some incredible savings...every month...month after month...forever?"

Let me give you an example of the savings you get under our "Debt Buster" plan. 

Say you’re currently paying $500/month towards debt.  Now, if you qualify, you’ll only pay $99/month.  That saves over $400 per month...every month. Paying $900/month?  If you qualify, you only pay $99/month...saving you over $800 per month...every month.

And...say that...right now...all your making is minimum payments. As you know...if you are only making minimum payments...MOST OF YOUR PAYMENT IS INTEREST. Paying only minimum payments, your balance never seems to go down...right? If your balance doesn't go down...how long will it take you to get out of debt? FOREVER...right?

In our example...at $500/month...you save over $400 per month...month after month...forever. At $900/month...you save over $800 per month...not just for a few months...but month after month...forever.

That's lot of money...money that you can use for other...more important things...money you can use for whatever you want.

Even if you could get these debts paid off in just 10 years...do the math. With savings of $400/month...you would save a total of over $48,000...and at $800/month...a total savings of over $96,000.

That's huge. Any wonder your creditors don't want you to know about our "Debt Buster" program or how the new bankruptcy laws really, really works?

It's as simple as that.  It doesn't get any better than that.

"It was even easier that we were told." Tyler and Sue C.


2) "What if you could force your creditors to settle for payments you can afford...rather than payments they demand...and then really make it stick?"

Well, that day is here. This is your chance and the $99/month Debt-Buster plan is the proof.

And...the quicker you act...the quicker you start to save money...every month.

Saving you money, getting you out of debt, freeing up money for more important things like your family, and lowering your stress level is what our new "Debt Buster" program is all about.

Still skeptical?  Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the $99/month Debt-Buster plan:


3) "What do I get for my $99 per month?"

If you qualify for our $99 per month Debt Buster program
...you get 3 huge benefits. 

First, you get the right to put all those bill collectors under control.

Second, you get the right to cut clean from all those bills...and it only costs you $99 per month. 

Third, you get to sleep again...knowing you have a complete solution you know you can afford.

And...we DO NOT mean $99 per month for each debt.  We are talking about all those bills, lumped together, for one payment of $99 per month.

And, we DO NOT mean $99 per month for like 10 years, or even the rest of your life.  If you qualify for this program, you would be in the program for less than 36 months* (assumes your are what is called an "under median" case).

"No more worry or stress." Ellen E.


4) "What's the total cost of this program?"

The total cost of this program could be as little as $2,500*.  If you qualify, that means you can get rid of all your credit cards, medical bills and all your other unsecured debts and pay less than a total of $2,500**. (This assumes your case is what we call: "under median".)

That's a small price to pay to get rid of...FINALLY, FOR GOOD, AND FOREVER...anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000, or even more, in credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, mortgage deficiencies, and various other types of bills that you owe, not even taking into account all the "interest" that you would owe on all these debts.  As you well know, in most cases, the biggest part of every payment is just the "interest".  Think of all the money you would save just in interest.  Over time, the interest payments alone would likely double or triple the amount you owe. Counting the interest, $15,000 could become $30,000 or $45,000, and $150,000 could become $300,000 or $450,000.

Those kinds of savings can make $2,500, or even more, seem like a drop in the bucket.

Think about it.  $2,500 is probably smaller than the balance you owe on just one credit card.

And, if you stay in the program to completion, you will get a permanent "discharge" on all those debts.*****  That is, you will be never have to pay another dime on any of those bills.

And, while you are in the program, the bill collectors have to stop calling.  They also have to stop writing.  Very simply, they have to leave you alone. 

That's what the Debt Buster program is all about.

* Costs will vary from District to District.


5) "How will I come up with the $99/month?"

The answer? In effect: "YOUR CREDITORS PAY FOR IT".

What? Let me explain.

By consolidating your bills...you won't have to pay those creditors anymore...or ever again. And...if you don't have to pay those creditors...that "frees up" a bunch of money every month.

Some of it you use to pay the $99/month. The really great news is that the rest of it...you get to keep.

It's like getting your creditors to pay for it...using their money ...instead of yours.

The bottom line...In effect, Your Debt Buster plan costs you NOTHING.

Let me repeat: Any wonder your creditors don't want you to know how the bankruptcy laws really work?

6) "How come this is all I have to pay?"

Because this is a type of bankruptcy, because the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy laws are much more powerful than most people think, and because...when you sign up for a Debt Buster program...you put the full weight of the Federal government behind you.

You may have heard that Congress changed the bankruptcy laws in 2005.  This is true.  What you probably did not hear was that, in some respects, the new laws provide you even more protection and relief than they did in the past.  Our new Debt-Buster program was made possible because of these new law changes.

"It worked out great for us.
Where I worked closed down and I would not have made it,
and we would have lost everything.
" Franklin A.


7) "Hey! What about attorney fees?"

There are none.  Or, should I say, they’re already included in the $99/month plan.  It doesn't get any better than that.   Your creditors are put under control, you get out from under all those bills, and you get an attorney to represent you...all for one monthly payment of $99....and you get to make your creditors pay for it by using the money you save from not having to pay your creditors anymore.

8) "What about up-front costs?"

How about $0?   If you qualify, and lots of people do, for our Debt Buster program, you also qualify for our "$0 Money-Down" program

That's right.  $0 Money-Down.  You can get your case filed for $0 Money-Down. No upfront fees.  No upfront costs.  No gimmicks.  No games.  No tricks. 

And, after that...it's just $99 per month.****

"I don't know what would have happened to me if I had not filed.
I liked the monthly payments, I wasn't totally broke and I was able to save for emergencies.
If I have to file again, I will use you all.
" Frances M.


9) "What about a guarantee?"

How about 11 Guarantees, including 5 "Money Back" Guarantees.  We give you that too.  If you qualify for our new Debt Buster program and agree to do your part, the result is guaranteed and we will even put it in writing***.

And, that's not all. We stand behind our word and our services with 10 additional guarantees. We have a complete 11 GUARANTEE PROGRAM. Want to read about all 11 Guarantees? (Click Here)


10) "How do I find out if I qualify for the Debt-Buster program?"

It's easy. We will tell you and we will do it for FREE. Find out more. Click on this button:

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11) "How do I find out more about the Debt-Buster program and all of your other "Debt-Defeater" programs?"

Easy. (Just Click Here)

"Yeah, it all sounds good...but bankruptcy really scares me. I want to hear from your past Debt-Buster clients."

You can.  Right here, right now. Just click here: More "Debt Buster" Client Testimonials

Heard enough?

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Introducing Our 11 GUARANTEE PROGRAM

We back up everything we say with the 11 GUARANTEESwe offer, 11 GUARANTEES to make sure that you can find out the answers to all your questions...and...if you choose to work with us...that you can...at absolutely "No Risk" to you and your family. Want to find out more about our GUARANTEES?
(Click Here)



Our Debt Buster programs are hybrid versions of Chapter 13 filings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, made possible pursuant to the new law changes that became effective on 10/17/05. A non-exclusive list of benefits and qualifications is set forth on the website which can be accessed by (Clicking Here). More detailed qualifications are set forth in a document entitled "Debt-Buster Plan Agreement", which must be signed by every new client before the client's case is filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  A copy of said document is set forth on this website and can be accessed by (Clicking Here)

* This assumes that you do not owe any "priority" debts, like past-due alimony, child support and certain types of taxes.

** The total of $2,500 assumes an "under median" case and file in the Middle District of North Carolina, you qualify for a Debt Buster plan, and there is no requirement to pay unsecured creditors.  Your total may be higher than $2,500.  Totals will vary depending upon a lot of factors, including what is known as the "means test" and "good faith" requirements imposed by the court. 

***This guarantee is based upon the new law as currently interpreted by our Bankruptcy Court judges (effective as of 3/21/07). 

****$99/month applies to plans filed in the Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina. 

*****Assumes debts that are dischargeable in bankruptcy. In addition, results will vary depending upon your goals, assets, income, debts, and expenses.

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