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Getting rid of debt is what filing bankruptcy does best. It does a lot of amazing things, but getting rid of debt, with basically the stroke of a pen, is what it does best. Think about how much better you would be with a lot less debt. And with less debt comes less stress, less worry, less sleepless night and more room for hope. How would you like to be able to sleep well and wake up refreshed, looking forward to the dawning of each brand new day? Less debt is the key. Bankruptcy will set you FREE. You have to be curious how much debt you can say "goodbye" to. Call us and we will tell you for FREE. The consultation is FREE.  The information is FREE.  The answers are FREE.  Want more info now: (Click Here)

Many times, we can even help with past due taxes, especially Income Taxes. (Click Here) or search our website on the work "tax" or "taxes".


We use bankruptcy to stop repossessions.  We do it all the time. Are you behind on your car or truck? Is the repo man looking for your vehicle, or you worry he might be? Don't wait. We can stop repossessions, but you need to get in to see us before it happens. Don't wait. It takes some days, minimum, to get a case filed. The minute your case is filed, the bankruptcy court issues an order telling all your creditors to back off, including the repo man. Then, we try to work out a payment to get you up to date, but not just in 1 month or 2. If need be, we can get you up to 60 months. And that's just the beginning of what we can. Sometimes, we can even get back a vehicle that has already been repossessed. It just depends. For more info: (Click Here) or search our website for words like "repo man" and "repossession".

Stop lawsuits

We use bankruptcy to stop lawsuits.  We do it all the time. There is probably nothing scarier than getting sued. You just need to get in here the minute you get sued.  You will know you are being sued when you receive "yellow" paper that looks official. Usually, it will consist of a "Summons" and a "Complaint". If you are not sure what it is, don't take chances.  Get in here right away and find out. The initial consultation is FREE. Whatever you do, the secret is to stop a lawsuit before it becomes a judgment. For more info: (Click Here) or search our website on word "lawsuits".

Get rid of judgments

We use bankruptcy to get rid of judgments.  We do it all the time. We call it "avoiding the judgment". Ok, so you did not get in here soon enough.  And now the lawsuit has turned into a judgment. Just don't wait any longer. Get in here and let us take a look at your situation. For right now, don't assume the worse. For more info: (Click Here) or search our website on the word "judgment" or "judgement".

Stop creditor calls

We use bankruptcy to stop creditor calls. We do it all the time.  Nothing will drive you as crazy as nasty or persistent calls from your creditors. Know this, in every case, when you file bankruptcy, the creditors have to stop calling you immediately, and they do.  Why?  Because the minute you file bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court issues a court order telling your creditors to leave you alone.  In fact, after you file, your phone will go so quiet that you will want to pick it up just to make sure it is still working. For more info: (Click Here) or search our website using words like "bill collector" or "nasty calls"

Keep and protect property

The truth is that most of our clients don't lose a thing.  Most of our clients don't lose any property at all.  Clients think they will, but that's because they don't know how bankruptcy really works. When you file bankruptcy, with our help, you get to claim a bunch of what are called "exemptions". And, as I mentioned, in most cases, the exemptions are generous enough for you to keep and protect everything you have. Find out for sure when you call to set up your FREE Consultation.

And so much more

The Federal Bankruptcy laws are amazing, and although we always focus most on what bankruptcy does best, GETTING RID OF DEBT, those laws do so much more.  And when you call to speak to us, we will show you not only what debts you can get rid of, basically with the stroke of a pen, but also all the other things filing bankruptcy can do. To give you a glimpse, check out our page called "45 Amazing Benefits Of Bankruptcy". (Click Here)

Perhaps as or more important, on this page are the "18 Ways Filing Bankruptcy Will Change Your Life". How about these 3 for starters: Less stress, less worry, and less sleepless nights?  Right now, you may be thinking there is no hope. Not true, and you can find out everything for FREE. The consultation is FREE. The information is FREE. The answers are FREE.

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