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Reviews for a Top Bankruptcy Lawyer from satisfied clients

When you’re deep in debt, worried about your financial future and looking for solutions, it’s a stressful time in your life. Bankruptcy may be the life-changing solution you need. The first step to get out of overwhelming debt is to find an experienced local attorney you can trust. To know what to expect when working with a lawyer, start by reading client reviews.
Look for keywords in reviews that instill trust, confidence, and indicate a positive client-attorney experience. There are two aspects to consider when researching the best bankruptcy lawyer for you. You want to know the results the firm can get for you and how you’ll be treated. By reading reviews from real clients, you can evaluate both and make an informed decision.
There are other considerations to make when choosing your North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer. Consider choosing:
  • A local attorney rather than a national chain to ensure the lawyer knows the local court system.
  • An attorney who practices only bankruptcy law, so you know you’re working with an expert.
  • A smaller firm over a larger one to get more personal attention during the process.
  • A firm that belongs to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).
  • A law firm that offers your initial bankruptcy consultation for free.

To find out more about the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, read reviews and results from our clients below. When you’re ready to set up your free North Carolina bankruptcy consultation, call us at +1-919-646-2654.


Posted by Anonymous
on Aug 1, 2021
I would like to share my experience with working the firm. From the start Mary & Megan were very accommodating and helpful in the process. They both made me feel comfortable and provided guidance through each step. Attorney Busch was also great in explaining the process and advising what he thought would be in my best interest. I would highly recommend this firm!!! Great team to work with.

Posted by Bobby
on Jun 16, 2021
I thank each of you in Greensboro office and exceptional work of Megan Clark bee very pleasant working with this company and great work from it's representatives that work in office thanks so much I feel better now that this has moved forward relief for me it took very few months for my situation to develop health issues and being exposed to covid four times never got the virus but still had follow company protcall to make sure. Thanks to Orcutt law I been saved from bad situation thank you so much.

Posted by Chase
on Mar 24, 2020
Angie made it very easy and understandable for me when we went over every thing

Posted by Vincent coble - 20-10171
on Feb 20, 2020
I was very pleased with the help that received.

Posted by Marianne
on Feb 15, 2020
She is absolutely wonderful. She is patient and explains and repeats when we need her to. She took quite a bit of time explaining things to us and we are very pleased. This is a stressful situation for us but she made it very comfortable. When I call the office everyone is willing to help but especially Angie. She called me right back several times when I had questions. Your staff is great in Fayetteville but especially Angie. Thank you.

Posted by Carrie
on Feb 14, 2020
I had a great experience at the fayetteville office from start to finish. I went in scared and nervous, feeling like I was doing something wrong by not being able to pay my dept. Everyone one I spoke to made me feel that it can happen to anyone. Angie Rhodes is really special, kind, knowledgeable and has compassion, I was really a wreck at our first visit, but she was able to calm me down and explain everything in detail. I'm still not happy that I have to file, but it's the only way to one day be debt free. Thank you Angie for all you do, and thank you to the other staff that I had the pleasure of meeting and communicating with. Carrie Caple

Posted by Michelle
on Jan 17, 2020
I give this law office a 10 out of 10. The employees their took there time explaining the process and what I can expect. Ms.Angie Rhodes helped me a lot by explaining what I would be expecting and answered my concerns. Excellent staff and environment.

Posted by Kellie
on Oct 29, 2019
I went into this office not too sure of my future finances and was feeling very low. I encountered a wonderful soul named Anita who gave me a new feeling of freedom by helping me. I left there feeling completely different. I had hope once again and it was great. If you need help, please reach out to this office. Angie Rhodes helped me finalize my bankruptcy, she was so helpful and kind. She answered my questions with ease and made me feel, well just wonderful. I feel very blessed to have walked through the doors of the Fayetteville office. From start to finish was so easy, so not what I expected at all. I can not believe how much better I feel. Thank you all for your help!

Posted by Kristen
on Oct 11, 2019
My husband and I had a great experience with your Fayetteville office! Everything was explained thoroughly, everyone was pleasant and friendly. I never felt judged for having to file, and the folks we talked to were supportive and understanding. Angie Rhodes was very kind and talked us through everything so that we understood exactly what we needed to do. She was also efficient and got us through all of the paperwork!! Thank you for what you do and for helping those of us that have had a few set backs and need a clean slate and a second chance. My husband and I feel this is really going to help our situation and get us back on sturdy ground.

Posted by Shirley
on Oct 3, 2019
I live in the Greensboro area and my experience at that office was great. The staff was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. The process was very organized. I met with Pat Brady twice and she was great. Next, I had the opportunity to do a telephone interview with Megan Clark, Durham Office. She answered a couple of nagging questions I had and even verified the correctness of some other information. She was great, professional, courteous and a delight to deal with. A great representative of the Orcutt firm.

Posted by Nancy S Casey-matthews
on Sep 24, 2019
She is the best !!!

Posted by Sylvia Reid
on Sep 10, 2019
My husband and I were in need of help with our debt. We called John Orcutt and we had an appointment the same week. We dealt with Angie Rhodes in the Fayetteville office and the process was quit and easy. I would recommend the attorney to anyone in need of help with debt.

Posted by Phillip Infinger
on Aug 26, 2019
Couldn't be more pleased with the speed and professionalism of the staff. Megan Clark was great to work with as well as the entire group in the Greensboro office. My wife and I can't thank you enough for your help during this trying time.

Posted by Melissa W.
on Aug 6, 2019
A sudden healthcare crisis made getting bills paid beyond worrisome, and the thousands of dollars coming in from hospitals and doctors only added to the stress of our unexpected life event. The focus on a path to getting healthy again was blurred by consumer guilt and shame for not being better prepared for such a thing. We just never imagined medical care would have such an impact. That said, bills couldn’t get paid, and it took a lot of courage to seek help. I am so thankful that we contacted the Offices of John Orcutt, and we could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and understanding staff than those we encountered at the Fayetteville location. Every person we dealt with was incredible, and Angie Rhodes exhibited the highest levels of both professionalism and compassion. I cannot express my gratitude enough to this office for helping to ease our fears through this difficult time and enabling us to put more energy into getting healthy again.

Posted by Chris
on Jul 22, 2019
I had an outstanding experience with Ms. Angie Rhodes of the Fayetteville office. She was extremely helpful, pleasant, and very patient with me. I loved working with her and she made me feel at ease about my case. Your firm is outstanding because of great folks like Angie! Thank you for helping me!!

Posted by Sherita
on Jul 18, 2019
I am happy to give Megan a very good report on her work telling me OK thank you give her and a thumbs up.

Posted by Mike
on Jun 24, 2019
For anyone in Fayetteville in financial distress and considering bankruptcy, PLEASE go see the ORCUTT law office. Angie Rhodes and the entire staff in the Fayetteville office are amazing professionals and very compassionate caring people. From the start Angie assuaged all of my concerns, answered every question in detail and did so in a very caring and respectful way. Frankly I was a bit lost when I went in for my first appointment with Angie but she took the time to listen to my concerns and really was a source of comfort to me on so many levels...she made me feel like my case really matters and I took away the confidence that they would really be with me through this entire process. I know bankruptcy is not an easy decision. You need an advocate. There is no better advocate that the Law office of John ORCUTT and from my experience, the Fayetteville office. They will remove all discomfort...answer any questions you have honestly and completely and will guide you every step of the way. I would recommend ORCUTT and in particular the FAYETTEVILLE OFFICE to anyone considering bankruptcy. Please give them a chance to help you get your financial life back on track. They have YOUR best interest and YOUR satisfaction with their services squarely at the center of everything they do. I have truly been blessed by Angie Rhodes and everyone in the Fayetteville office. God Bless you.

Posted by Brenda
on Jun 17, 2019
Though not complete, The Bankruptcy process with Orcutt firm has been proficient, professional and painless. They laid out the plan and followed it seamlessly. I am relieved from the pressures and stress of BILLS. Thank you.

on May 28, 2019
On a scale of one to five, with five being "outstanding", in terms of exceptional paralegal advice, Amy Hodge is clearly a "TEN". Amy demonstrates qualities that prove she is an absolutely perfect fit for her chosen profession.
Her knowledge leaves no doubt that she has mastered the laws, processes and procedures related to bankruptcy.
Amy's positive personality helped us deal with the fear, confusion and negative connotation associated with filing bankruptcy. Although she has a busy schedule, there was never a time when she made us feel as though our questions were too simplistic or repetitive regardless of how many times we asked. She always returned calls or emails promptly. She helped us see that there is life after bankruptcy.
Mr. Orcutt; along with his clients, is very fortunate to have Amy working so hard on their behalf during a very difficult financial time.
We are so happy we chose Orcutt Law, and because of Amy Hodge, our expectations in this legal matter were far exceeded.

Thera and Deborah Uzzell

Posted by Joy
on May 21, 2019
Everyone at the Fayettetville office has been so great to work with. From our initial consult to the last signing meeting with Angie Rhodes.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and consideration.

Posted by Robert
on May 8, 2019
Very good learning experience from Mrs. Angie. She patiently walked me through the process, answered my questions. Very professional, & showed genuine concern for helping with my present & future financial situation. I thank Mrs. Angie & will always have the greatest respect for her for all she done for me!!

Posted by Gloria
on May 4, 2019
Ms.Rhodes was friendly and professional. She explained everything very well. We were very pleased with our over all service!!

Posted by Karshena
on Apr 24, 2019
I would like to contact you and inform you of the excellent service I received from Jessica Brown today. I was very nervous and she was patient, caring, and very informative. She gave me all the information that I needed to make an informed decision concerning my individual situation. She patiently answered my questions and immediately took my call upon me reaching out to her after the meeting to give her an update on some additional information.

Everyone made me feel right at home in the Greensboro office and I feel that utilizing your services is the best financial decision I have made in a long while!

Posted by Tina
on Apr 24, 2019
Angie and Anita are awesome! They were very patient in answering all of our questions and their expertise in bankruptcy law has put our minds to ease that filling for bankruptcy is the right thing to do for our family. So thankful to these two ladies.

Posted by Joe Cox
on Apr 22, 2019
My story started back in 2016. I was self-employed my job was traveling all across the U.S. doing very well then I had to have surgery on my neck and my business started to fall off and trying to keep all bills paid became too much. I seen a commercial with John Orcutt talking about there is a way out. I knew something had to be done so I contacted their office in Greensboro N.C. that's when I met Connie Nichols and what a great young lady ,she and other made me feel good about what I was doing . So after getting everything they needed I went before a federal judge scared to death however Ben Busch my attorney made things go so smooth. These folks saved me from credit cards with interest rates at 26% in the sum close to $22k saved my house and my truck. Ben also negotiated the price of my pickup from $15k to $12k. My chapter 13 payment is only $747.00 each month before I was paying almost $2000.00 each month. Sure my credit was shot to start with however after only 1 year went from 530 to 640 and still climbing. I would also like to thank Nikki West she is my post paralegal and has been so helpful and gracious to answer any questions and has also went way beyond what I was expecting. I would like to say if you are going thru a trying time and see no way out of all the bills, just call their office and sit down and discuss your situation and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised to what they can do for you. Remember there is no shame to file however if you don't the pain will continue .

Posted by Steve
on Apr 12, 2019
My wife and I went into the office back in 2017 and have been working with the office since. At first we were distressed because the paralegal that we had at the time, Janelle, would not respond to our questions in a timely manner and my wife had to follow up constantly to get and answer. However, we had more questions not too long ago and were told to reach out to Ms. Melissa Weaver, which we did, and she was fantastic. Extremely responsive (even though she was out on vacation which was amazing) and all our questions have been answered, issued have been resolved and we are much more confident in the process now that we've worked with Melissa.
We would definitely recommend the Durham Office and Melissa Weaver in the future!
Thank you for all of your help.

Posted by Patty
on Apr 9, 2019
Was very satisfied with Jessica. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made everything easier to understand.

Posted by Theresa
on Mar 27, 2019
I wanted to take a few minutes to speak about my experience at John Orcutt Law firm at the Fayetteville location. Ms Angie Rhodes was my paralegal. Ms Angie was very professional and made each visit for me, a little more relaxed and we were able to get thru all of my documents seemingly effortless. She is very knowledgeable, which made my visits, short and to the point. From my first appointment to the last, Ms. Angie Rhodes was very pleasant to work with. She answered all of my questions, making my visit as smooth and relaxing as possible. I don't want to leave the receptionist out, I don't remember her name, but she is a Tall lady, She was very good at her job, She handled the phone calls and handled all the walk in appointments, she was very very good at multitasking.
The Fayetteville location is on the Ball!!

Posted by Rob
on Mar 21, 2019
It is not an easy decision to make but once you make it, the John T. Orcutt office in Fayetteville,NC is the place to go. From the first moment I arrived at the office, from the receptionist all the way through to Paralegal Angie Rhodes they make you feel you are not a bad person after all. The office is always friendly and everyone speaks to you and makes you feel at ease. Angie stepped me through the process literally page by page and always answered my questions. I'm not happy I had to do what I had to do but I'm so thankful I found John Orcutt's law firm office. Thank you all for you help.

Posted by Jim and Joy Ramsey
on Mar 7, 2019
The Fayetteville office was so helpful and kind. Angie Rhodes was always cheerful and worked with us to do everything right. I am an older lady and most people would have lost their patience with me, but not Angie. She would explain everything to me and if I was still confused she would pull everything out again and never got upset. Wish she was my neighbor so she could do my taxes.

Thanks again Angie and I appreciate everything you did to help us complete all the paper work and prevent me from having a nervous breakdown.