The Wrong Kind of Debt Relief !

The Wrong Kind of Debt Relief !


How much money are you "throwing away"
in a "debt-consolidation program"?

Likely, if you are already signed up in some sort of a debt- consolidation-program, the payment is more than you can afford.

Why else would you be here reading this?

Need a payment you can actually afford?

What could consolidate your bills into 1...much lower...payment and get your life back.

How about $99/month?

All your credit cards...all your medical bills...all your personal loans...into 1 low payment of $99/month?**

How? Using the power of bankruptcy.

If you's one payment of $348 and then it's $99/month.

That you can afford.



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The fact is...there may be no good alternative.

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The truth is... called...debt-consolidation-programs
are one of the biggest rip-offs there is!

A regular wolf in sheep's clothing. And...we're going to prove it to you...right here...right now.

We're talking about the debt-consolidation-programs advertised on tv, the radio, in print ads and on the internet...the ones that promise to leave you "debt free" and make everything better.

These programs are known by a lot of different names, the variety of names being only limited by the imagination of the marketers involved. Here are some of the names: Debt Consolidation Programs, Debt Consolidation Plans, Credit Counseling Plans, Debt Management Plans, Debt Settlement Plans, and so on.

For simplicity...from here on...we will refer to all these programs as debt-consolidation programs.

The bottom line is my experience....these programs are nothing more than a scam on the public.

Want to know why these programs
are a scam on the public?

Because they trick good, hard-working Americans, just like you, into signing up for debt-consolidation-programs that...from the get-go...cost to much.

It's not your fault. The ads all "sound" wonderful. That's why scams work. The ads "sound" believable...without sounding "unbelievable".

Like all scam artists...these debt-consolidation-program outfits...promise more than they can focusing on your desire to be "debt free" and back in control or your making you believe that what they have will take away all your stress and worries and make you happy and content...and completely leaving out the truth.

Word has it...

More than 90% of these
debt-consolidation-programs fail!

Naturally, these companies tend not to talk about these numbers publicly. I mean...who would sign up for a plan that may have, on average, less than a 10% chance of succeeding. What their ads...they told you this? Would you still sign up? Of course not. You're already tight on money or you wouldn't even be considering one of these programs. The last thing you would do is put at risk what little money you have.

So...why is the "fail rate" so high? Why do these programs bottom out by the boatload.

They fail because these debt-consolidaton-programs don't offer the public enough to make a difference.

You see, these debt-consolidation-programs are controlled by the credit card companies. The credit card companies set up guidelines that allow the debt-consolidation-program outfits to lower interest rates...but only by a little. That's it.

To date, the credit card companies have never allowed these outfits to actually "reduce" the "amount" of your debt.

The problem is that...for most people like you...only decreasing the interest rate a little is simply NOT ENOUGH to make the debt-consolidation-program affordable.

The real problem is make these programs seem attractive...the outfits that hawk them have to make them sound better than they are. That get you to sign up...they have to mislead you into believing your are getting something more than what they can deliver.

In effect...

The debt-consolidation-program
outfits LIE TO YOU!

As a consequence...the vast majority of you...who get tricked into signing up...can't afford the plan payment...not when you really look closely at...and take into account...all your monthly expenses.

If you are signed up in one of these programs, you know what I am talking about. Likely, in order to make your debt-consolidation-program payments, you have to take valuable money away other essential the expense of your family.

In our experience...most of the time, it's not even close. People, like you, who could reasonably afford $100 or $200 or $300 per month are required to pay $500 to $1,000 per month or more.

So, why do people, like you, sign up?
Because "any savings is better than none"...right?

This sounds great until you have to make the payment...a payment you can't really afford. The truth you know...a lower payment you still can't afford does the you any good.

And, an "unaffordable" payment is just the beginning of the bad news about these outfits. the other "downsides" of these programs! Now...

The other things these outfits don't tell you.

Did you know that...

...your debt-consolidation-program is NOT binding on your creditors. That's right. Any time they want, your creditors can simply stop playing ball and start coming after you again with collection calls, lawsuits and so on.

...being in one of these debt-consolidation-programs actually hurts your credit and your credit score. Think the debt-consolidation-program outfits are going to tell you this ahead of time? You know the answer.

...a lot of these companies don't tell you how much their fees and costs are and how little of your money actually gets paid over to your creditors, or when. Why? Because...if you wouldn't sign up....right? scare you and keep you away from even looking into all the power available to you if you were to file bankruptcy, they grossly misrepresent "bankruptcy". So scared are always seems to me...that you might go to a bankruptcy attorney and find out the truth...that they feel compelled to make the whole idea of filing bankruptcy look like you're making a deal with the devil...telling you words to the effect..." don't want to file bankruptcy! You don't want to to THAT!!".

The problem with them trying to scare you is that it actually works. It's easy to scare people about bankruptcy. Why? Because, in my extensive experience, 100% of the population suffers from a whole host of misconceptions about bankruptcy and how it really works.

As a result, you...completely miss out on all the information about the amazing results that can be achieved by filing bankruptcy. This may seem like a self-serving statement...coming from a bankruptcy attorney...but it's true...and this entire website is the proof.

The truth our experience...some people are almost embarrassed to find out just how amazing bankruptcy can be...considering how much they had previously fought against even the idea of it.

Think about it...

If you had known all these things
...would you have signed up with for a debt-consolidation-program?

Of course not.

Nobody signs up with a scammer once the truth is flushed out....once the "game is up" to speak.

The bottom line is that...if you are in a debt-consolidation-program you can't really got scammed.

The only question is...what are you going to do about it?

The truth is that...compared to a debt-consolidation-program you really can't that makes your family worse...not, "bankruptcy" is pretty "amazing" many cases...unbelievably so! But...more about that later.

For right now...let's talk more about how these outfits trick and mislead you.

They make false promises like this:
"Reduce your debt by 60%"

When they say things like "Reduce debt by 60%", they give you the impression that they are actually reducing the "amount" of your debts.

Not true. The truth is that the only thing these debt-consolidation-program outfits can do with respect to your credit card debt is reduce your "interest"...and then only by a few percentage points...if that.

The truth is: You still have to pay the entire debt, plus most of the interest. Can you see why ads that say things like: "Reduce debt by 60%" are misleading? The debt itself is not reduced at all.

They don't take into account ALL your expenses,
fostering the false impression that you
"can" afford their payment.

In our experience...debt-consolidation-program outfits never take into account ALL your expenses when they are setting you up in a "debt-consolidation-program"...and for good reason.  


Because if they most cases...they would shed light on the fact that the program they offer is more than you can really, really, truly afford to pay.

Think about it.  What good is a program you really can't afford?

Trying to pay a payment you can't definition...has to take money away from other essential monthly expenses. Doing this can only make your family worse...NOT

If you have to take money away from other essential monthly expenses, there is no way you can make ends meet. What good is a debt-consolidation-program that doesn't save you enough money to make ends meet?

It's just a lie...a drain away money
you need to take care of your family.

In our experience, getting nothing more than a lowering of your interest rates on a few credit cards is almost never enough...not by a long shot.

And, this would explain our experience...almost 90% of these debt-consolidation-programs fail before completion (and that doesn't even take into account the devastating, negative effect on your credit rating and all the other downsides of these programs).

As bankruptcy attorneys...we see the proof of these failed plans all the time.

Daily, we see people coming to us from failed
worse off for the effort.

Did you catch that? "Worse off for the effort". Most of the people who come to see us after having "tried" one of these debt-consolidation-programs are worse off...sometimes so much so...that not even filing bankruptcy can help.

As I mentioned...word has it...that over 90% of these plans FAIL. That says a lot.

And that's not all:

These programs actually damage your credit.

That's right...damage your credit. I'm not just saying's an undisputed fact.

And that's not all:

You know how these debt-consolidation-program outfits get paid?

By the credit card companies they collect for. That's how. They call it "fair share". They may even try to spin it like this: "Oh, you don't have to pay anything. We get the credit card companies to pay us on your behalf." But, in reality's just "kickbacks". These least the more legitimate ones...get paid a percentage of the amount they collect from you. (The out-and-out scammers just steal your money.) And...the more they get you to pay...the more they get paid. have to wonder...

Whose side are these debt-consolidation
program outfits on? Certainly NOT yours!

Who are they really working for...when the more they get you to pay...the more they get paid?

Sounds like their real allegiance is to the people who are paying their bills...the credit card companies.

Is it any wonder they are willing to throw you into a debt-consolidation-program...regardless of whether you can really afford it or long as they think they can get you to pay at least for a few months or a year or more? As long as they can keep you paying...they continue to get paid.

So...who's really "got your back"?

Certainly not the debt-consolidation-program outfits.

Thinking of entering a debt-consolidation-program? Fine. Just do yourself a favor. Come see us first and get the facts...ALL the and con.

You see...every day...people tell us words like this:

"That debt consolidation plan was a huge mistake. I should have come to see you instead. It was a complete waste of good money...and my family is worse off for it." 

Please...please...don't let this happen to you.

"Any savings is better than none"...or is it?

Let's say...for are supposed to pay $900 per month in "minimum payments", and lowering your interest rates somewhat...the credit counseling company can get your payments down from $900 to $750 per month.  Then, they turn to you and say, "Look, we can save you $150 per month.  What do you think?"  Naturally, you think that's great, because any savings is better than none...right?

But is it?   What if you can't really afford the $750 per month?  What if, after you pay all your other monthly expenses, you can only afford to pay, say, $250 per month?  What good is a plan that requires you to pay $750 per month?  In our example, that's $500 per month more than you can afford. 

Can you see why these outfits only want to focus on the amount of savings offered by their programs, and NEVER, EVER want to focus on whether you can actually afford their program payment and still put food on your table?

"Hidden fees, poor advice and
even outright fraud"

And...then, it gets even worse.  Quoting from a Consumer Reports online report dated June 2005, there are the problems of "hidden fees, poor advice and even outright fraud".  According to Consumer Reports:

"If you’re considering working with an agency to get credit counseling, or consolidate or renegotiate your debt, watch out. Over the years Consumer Reports has documented the credit-counseling industry’s hidden fees, poor advice, and even outright fraud. Many advise rolling high-interest debt into a second mortgage. But by using your house as collateral for what was unsecured debt, you risk losing your home. Some firms can persuade creditors to cut your debt. But if you miss payments they can later back out of the deal and demand full payment, potentially landing you in bankruptcy court after you’ve already paid a large portion of your debt."  Consumer Reports online report, June 2005.

Unlike a debt-consolidation program...
"bankruptcy" DOES get rid of debt
...not just interest!

If...what you really need is actual, honest, reduction of debt and interest....not just some small part of the interest,...

...there is only one proven solution, and that's bankruptcy.

Why? Because...if you can't pay all your bills...and you need a lower you can need the cheapest payment you can get...and that's what bankruptcy does best.

Why? Because bankruptcy...using the powerful bankruptcy the only solution that actually gets rid of certain types of debts....and because debts you can get rid of are debts you don't have to pay.

Get rid of enough debts...legally using the laws of bankruptcy...and you can...hopefully...afford to pay the rest of your bills.

It's as simple as that.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone, but...where it works wonders.

Bankruptcy...the government program
that actually works.

Bankruptcy is a set of laws...Federal laws. These laws were created by your United States Congress to get good, honest, hard-working people...just like you...out of debt and back on your feet.  These laws were designed to help you get rid of enough debt to give you a fresh start and a second chance to start over.

These laws created a system that provides a program to give you relief from your debts and...during the from your creditors. This program is run for your benefit by the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Does this mean that if you come to see us, you are going to file bankruptcy under this program?  Of course not! 

But since bankruptcy is the only thing in the world that actually reduces debt and interest, wouldn't it make sense for you to at least find out how all this bankruptcy works and what it could do for you....especially since you can find out for FREE.

The initial consultation is totally FREE!

Come see us. You have nothing to lose. There is no commitment. It's only information and the information is FREE.

If bankruptcy is right for you...fine. If not, that's fine too, but at least you will have gotten a full, in-depth analysis of your entire financial situation... FOR FREE.

And...we mean FREE.

No gimmicks, no pressure, no strings attached. We guarantee it. In fact...we "guarantee it".

We stand by what we say and the services we offer with 10 GUARANTEES...including 4 "Money-Back" guarantees. Want to find out about these guarantees? (Click Here)

We offer a FREE And Totally Confidential Analysis, so that you can find out all your options...bankruptcy and otherwise...and get the answers you need. 

The bottom line: Others promise...but only bankruptcy delivers.

During normal business hours, call toll free +1-833-627-0115, set your appointment, and come in.

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