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IMPORTANT NOTE: The following testimonials are the real words of past clients, however they are merely illustrative of matters handled by our law firm and should not be read to promise or guarantee any particular result in your case. Not all case results are provided and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case. The results to be achieved in your case will depend upon a whole host of factors unique to your case, including such factors as your goals, assets, debts, income and expenses. Also...please click on and read "Our Big Disclaimer", which is located to the left. We do promise to treat you with the care, respect and concern that you, and all people, deserve.

It was very informative

Dear Mr. Orcutt:

Thank you so much for your help in expediting my bankruptcy case.  Seeking legal advice was a difficult decision for me to make, but once I acknowledged my business failure and my inability to make debt consolidation payments (a well-meaning but ill-advised course of action on my part), it was the start of my financial turnaround.  I saw your TV commercial and visited your website.


Thank You So Much!!!

Dear Mr. Orcutt:

Thank you so very, very much for all your help!!  You and your staff are a prayer that was answered for me & my family!!  God Bless You Mr. Orcutt!!  Thank You So Much!!

Philip & Rita R.

P.S. Loved your new commercial.

Philip & RitaR.

Today we are in a brand new home!!!

(Patty is a paralegal in our Post-Legal Dept.)

I would like to than you and everyone at your office.

Going through bankruptcy was the best thing we ever did.

Today we are in a brand new home!!! Mortgage companies will still work with you if you are persistent and don't give up. Our interest rate is only 6%. We moved in last August.

Lorrie and VictorG.

Thank you for setting the atmosphere


Again, I want to thank you for your help, your kind understanding, your non-judgmental attitude and for your whole demeanor of wanting to help. You made me feel that there was finally some hope out of all of this.

Thank you for setting the atmosphere and for making this a successful experience.



She displayed impeccable professionalism and support

Dear Mr. Orcutt:
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance during our court proceedings on August 30th.
We want to specifically recognize your paralegal, who alleviated our concerns and fears about our decision and made the whole process run smoothly. She displayed impeccable professionalism and support and made us feel at ease. The courteous customer service displayed by your whole staff was sincerely appreciated during this very difficult time in our lives. Thanks again.
Sincerely yours,

Joe and Judy.

Thanks again for helping us

To John Orcutt's staff:

We'd like to thank you and the law office for all of the hard work and time you put into getting our case prepared. We have been able to get some sleep, it was beginning to take a toll on my health.

We had to check our phone to make sure it was working. We had not heard it ring in a while. We have started working with our plan.

Audrey & Jerry.

You have helped to make my life so much better

Dear John,

I would like to thank you for handling my recent bankruptcy case. Your office was very accommodating & helpful to me. It was a big decision for me to make. However, being 72 yrs. old, retired, & living on a fixed income, I knew I was getting more in debt by not being able to pay my bills. This was my only choice.

I was under a lot of stress, but now everything is so much better. I use no credit cards.

You have helped to make my life so much better. I appreciate all you did.

Thanks again,


I thank you for your time and understanding

Dear Mr. Orcutt

I would like to start this letter by thanking you for seeing my husband and me today. It is a relief to know that there is a way to relieve ourselves of this financial burden we have found ourselves in. We trust your judgment and expertise in the areas of the law and bankruptcy and trust that you will help us make the correct decision. Although I do understand that our credit will be tainted for some time, it is important to me to know that we will keep our dignity in doing so.


I'm sure you have helped many people

Dear Mr. Orcutt & Staff:

Today is my birthday. That me be unimportant, however, I'm "63" and "free" of debt, thanks to you and your staff at the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt. I recently received my discharge from the Bankruptcy Court. Even though it may be suitable for framing, I have decided to file it forever.


They are extremely professional

Dear Mr. Orcutt:

It's important to me that I write to tell you what a great staff you have in your Durham office. They are extremely professional - on so many levels. Bankruptcy is an emotional as well as hardcore financial issue and Edward Boltz, Thomas Borges....and especially Taz, were so helpful and patient with me throughout the process. One needs this sort of assistance in life a whole lot more than money. Weelll! Maybe.

So, thank you and my best wishes for success. Incidentally, you T.V. ad works.




Everyone there is professional, yet very friendly

Dear Mr. Orcutt & Associates,

My husband and I would like to say "Thank you", for everything you and your wonderful staff did for us.

I was very embarrassed to walk into your Durham office and do a Chapter 13. It's amazing how much pride can take over a person's mind.

I have never encountered a staff as nice as the people at your Durham [office]. Everyone there is professional, yet very friendly. They put me at ease instantly, especially Taz.

Again, thank you.


Jeffrey and Annette M.

Jeffrey and AnnetteM.

Thank god that heavenly father directed us to your office

Dear Mr. Orcutt:
Greetings! May we open this letter, taking the opportunity to express our thanks to you, your paralegal Tamara Davis, and your entire staff in rendering such a superb degree of expertise in our legal case. With the many hardships our family has endured for several years, it was incredible to us that there was any hope or help for us in our dilemma.

George and KarenB.

I thank God for you

Dear Mr. Orcutt,

I am an Registered Nurse and my husband was a teacher.  We lost a home by fraud and he was diagnosed with cancer.  You helped us so much at that critical time.  Our credit was perfect before and since our bankruptcy.  Now due to your insistence that the payment on our new retirement villa be kept low, we were blessed with a 5.5% interest rate.
You will never know how much you have meant to us.  Every time I see your TV ad, I thank God for you.


You truly have some great staff

Hello Mr. Boltz:
(Note: Ed Boltz is the attorney who runs our Durham Office)

This email is to express my gratitude to your law office for all your help with my bankruptcy case, especially Wendy.  From the day I met her, she has been a joy.  she made me feel so comfortable with this whole process.


Thank you and give Kelly Cox my thanks too!!!

Mr. Orcutt,
(Note: Kelly Cox is a paralegal with our Post-Legal Dept.)

I would like to 'Thank-You' for your services.  I would also like you to know how great Kelly Cox was.  With all she has to do, I felt I got the attention I needed to understand all her answers.  She is really great with people and has a wonderful personality.


I am just so grateful

Dear Mr. Orcutt,

I am writing in response to a joyful experience that my husband and I experienced under bad circumstances recently.  At your Fayetteville, NC, location, I had the privilege of working with Christina Crews and Marcie Marlow.  These two ladies are an asset to your company.  They worked hard for us to help us get through our Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

D. & D.S.

May God Bless you all

Mr. Orcutt & Associates:

I filed bankruptcy in 2007; I was way over my head in debt and didn't see my way out, until I saw your commercial on television.  My daughter and friend told me about you.


Thank you very much

To whomever it may concern:

Due to recent severe difficulties in finances, my wife and I sought help from a bankruptcy attorney.  We first saw a lawyer in Raleigh who felt that our case was too complicated and would require a change in venue request that could prove to be compromising to his practice.  This made little sense to me.  He referred us to a lawyer in Durham.  I then met with an attorney with Wooten and Wooten for a 30 minute free consultation.


You explained everything I needed

Good Afternoon Renee:
(Renee is paralegal working in our Durham office.)

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for providing such wonderful service to me in my dealings with you and the Law Offices of John Orcutt.


Sleep came easy

Dear Wendy:
(Wendy was a paralegal working in our Durham office.)

Thank you so much for all your hard work on what I saw as a category 5 hurricane.  Your professionalism, knowledge and support during this trying time were invaluable. Answering the phone was no longer scary and sleep came easy.

Again, thank you so much.

A.J. and K.J.

A.J. and K.J..

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