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Use Greensboro Bankruptcy to Deal With Back Child Support

Child support and bankruptcy

Are you behind on child support?

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With Greensboro bankruptcy, you can tackle most any debt. From the moment you file, bankruptcy makes sweeping changes to your life. It puts an end to overwhelming debt and gets you a new lease on your financial life. No matter whether you choose Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy helps with its automatic stay, debt reduction, and discharge.

New IRS Ruling Helps Student Loan Debtors Save for Retirement

IRS tax student loans

IRS ruling may help student loan debtors

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With more than $1.5 trillion now owed in student loans, it’s a debt crisis with no end in sight. One of the issues facing consumers with student loans is deciding how (and even if) they can save for retirement while dealing with this debt. Workers of all ages should be saving for retirement, but it’s more critical if your employer offers a 401(k) match.

Don’t Wait Too Long to File Wilmington Bankruptcy – 5 Signs It’s Time

Time to file Wilmington bankruptcy

What's the best time to file Wilmington bankruptcy?

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Deciding to file Wilmington bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Many people feel it’s admitting failure. It’s not. It’s acknowledging that you need help. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life events out of your control trigger most bankruptcy filings. Divorce, illness, job loss, and similar circumstances are factors in most bankruptcy cases. Filing sooner rather than later can restore you to financial health faster.

Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness

Exploring student loan forgiveness

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Student loans are unfairly burdensome on many Americans. Because of the emphasis on college over all other career paths, it’s problematic. Where once a degree set you apart, now it makes you one of the job-hunting herd. Combine that with the unfairly exploding cost of college tuition, and it’s a recipe for a crisis that’s just beginning.

Can You Rent a House or Apartment After Greensboro Bankruptcy?

Renting after bankruptcy

Renting after bankruptcy is possible

Image by Redd Angelo via Unsplash

After Greensboro bankruptcy, you might need to explore housing options. Some people use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to unload an unaffordable mortgage and need a new place to live – or you might be ready to relocate for work or because your existing lease is expiring.

New Legislation Could Restore Bankruptcy Discharge of Student Loans

Student loan legislation

New legislation promises hope for student loan borrowers

Image by Louis Velazquez via Unsplash

Student loans are a plague on many consumers, so it’s always good to see news of hope for college debt relief. HR 5549, the HIGHER ED Act, introduced in April by Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon, could see a loosening of the standard of “undue hardship” required to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.

Millennials Plagued By Medical Debt – Wilmington Bankruptcy Can Help.

Millennial medical bills

Millennials crushed by medical debt

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Medical debts are one of the most common debts incurred and many people struggle to pay. One in six Americans has past-due health bills on their credit report. Even those with insurance might have unaffordable medical bills because of ever-higher deductibles across most Affordable Care Act insurance plans. Wilmington bankruptcy can help shed this debt.

Does Filing Bankruptcy Bar You from Getting Student Loans?

Student loans

Bankruptcy and student loans

Image by Felix Russell-Saw via Unsplash

When considering debt relief programs, one to examine is bankruptcy. But before you jump into something, you should think about the effect on your credit score and future financial opportunities. If you’re thinking of returning to college or have a child headed to university soon, you’ll want to know if and how it could affect your ability to obtain student loans.

5 Steps to Get Greensboro Bankruptcy Started

Start bankruptcy

Get your fresh start today

Image by Jonathan Kiok via Unsplash

Choosing Greensboro bankruptcy is a big step towards getting your finances in order and on a path to a better future. So, how do you get started? When clients come in to see us, desperate for a meaningful debt relief solution, once they hear how bankruptcy can change their lives for the better, the next thing they want to know is how to begin. Look at the five steps to get your Greensboro bankruptcy started.

Older Americans Plagued by Student Loans – Looking for Solutions

Older Americans student loans

Student loans and older Americans

Image by Kevin Grieve via Unsplash

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent report on older consumers and student loan debt reveals that college debt continues to be a growing problem for the older-than-60 set. The CFPB found that student debt heavily impacted long-term financial security and stability and promised a rougher road ahead than for generations past.


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