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Wilmington Bankruptcy Stops Aggressive Debt Collectors

Collection calls

Plagued by calls from debt collectors?

Image by Chris Moore via Unsplash

Owing debt you can’t afford can be scary - especially when aggressive collectors are involved. Many debt collectors follow the letter of the law, but others cross the line and can threaten or try and intimidate you. Wilmington bankruptcy can stop aggressive debt collectors and shut them down for good while also relieving your debt. It offers instant peace of mind.

Changes Ahead for Student Loans

Student loan changes

Student loan changes are coming

Image by Timo Stern via Unsplash

Currently, most student loans are federal student loans. But there are significant changes afoot for student loan borrowers. The current presidential administration is looking to redefine the college loan market to make it more competitive and possibly more affordable. Will these shifts come to fruition is one question. Initiatives don’t always make it to the law or regulation stage. Plus, whether they’ll benefit borrowers, as intended, is another concern. Here is what’s in the wind.

What Actions Extend the Statute of Limitations on Greensboro Debt?

Statute of limitations on debt

Is the clock running out on your debt?

Image by Jon Tyson via Unsplash

From the moment you go delinquent on debt in Greensboro, North Carolina, the creditor can come after you to collect what is owed. They have the right to use whatever legal means are available to get the money from you. They will also tack on late fees on top of the debt and collection agency fees if they enroll an outside firm to help. These efforts may continue until you pay or the statutes of limitation expire. But what does that mean?

How Much Should You Borrow in Student Loans? And What to Do If You Can’t Pay It Back

Student loans

Are you borrowing too much in student loans?

Image by Ali Yahya via Unsplash

Not all debt is bad. Some debt is good because it empowers you to make changes to your life that you couldn’t if you had to pay cash for everything. That applies to a home and college education, in particular, since most cost too much to pay out of pocket in a lump sum. But if you get in over your head, the opportunity could turn into a financial crisis. When it comes to student loans, how much is too much?

More Seniors Than Ever Filing Bankruptcy

Senior bankruptcy

More seniors than ever are filing bankruptcy 

Image by Matteo Vistocco via Unsplash

An unprecedented number of seniors are now filing bankruptcy. New research has shown that since 1991, bankruptcy filings for Americans 65 and older have tripled. Data from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project shows that seniors now make up a larger percentage of bankruptcy filers than ever. The takeaway is that bankruptcy is the last hope for many older Americans and the problem is growing.

Pay Off Your Student Loans on a Game Show - Paid Off Is the Jeopardy of College Debt

student loan game show

Gaming your way out of student loan debt

Image by Nhia Moua via Unsplash

Student loans are no fun, but a new TV show would convince you otherwise. While college debt continues to rise, Americans are looking for new and creative ways to unload their student loans. A new game show on Tru TV aims to put the fun in finance and help contestants eradicate debt.

8 Reasons Seniors File Bankruptcy

Senior bankruptcy

More seniors than ever are filing bankruptcy

Image by Sylvia Bliss via Pixabay

New research from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project recently reported that older Americans (aged 65 and above) are increasingly filing bankruptcy. The research used bankruptcy cases and questionnaires completed by 895 respondents between the ages of 19 to 92. They found a 204% increase in the number of seniors who file bankruptcy.

Get Out of Student Loan Default – Here’s How

student loan debt relief

Looking for a solution to student loan default?

Image by Jan Baby via Pixabay

Student loans get more burdensome by the year, and many people struggle to conquer this debt. If you miss one payment, that’s not good. From the first missed payment, you’re considered delinquent. If you keep missing payments for 270 days, you go into default for most types of loans. Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL) go into default after 330 days of non-payment.

Dealing With Tax Liens in Wilmington Bankruptcy

Tax lien stress

Stressed over a Wilmington tax lien?

Image by Alex Brisbey via Unsplash

Getting behind on your state and federal income taxes can be stressful. The government has some incredible powers of collection and can attach your wages, personal property, bank account, and more. When you’re late on taxes, one of the most grievous outcomes is a tax lien. If possible, you should deal with your tax trouble before there's a lien.

10+ Companies That Will Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

Student loan employee benefits

Find a job with student loan benefits to get out of debt faster

Image by Miguelangel Miquelena via Unsplash

Student loans are more than an individual debt concern. It’s becoming a national economic crisis. With over 44 million Americans in debt to the tune of over $1.5 trillion, student loan debt is a growing concern of employers, with good reason.


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