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Should Seniors Use Wilmington Bankruptcy to Deal with Debt?

Senior bankruptcy

Is senior bankruptcy right for you?

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Bankruptcy provides the assurance of debt relief and a fresh start to all who choose it. However, in the case of seniors, there are special considerations because of fixed income, medical costs, assets, and equity. Seniors should carefully consider the decision to file. Also, look for a Wilmington bankruptcy attorney with lots of experience with senior bankruptcy and a good reputation.

What Is a Borrower Defense to Repayment and Can It Help You With Student Loans?

Student loans

Student loan solutions to fraud

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There’s a special type of student loan forgiveness targeted at people with college debt who were done wrong by their school. It’s called a “borrower defense to repayment” and allows you to request cancellation of your student loans. Even better, if you qualify, you can get back payments you made on the student loans. Here is what you need to know about this one-of-a-kind program and whether it could benefit you.

5 Things Not to Do Before You File Greensboro Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy tips

Planning Greensboro bankruptcy - a few things to avoid

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If you reasonably see yourself filing Greensboro bankruptcy at some point in your near future, there are certain things you should avoid. Engaging in these actions can put your debt relief at risk. You want the best results from your bankruptcy case and to avoid any accusation from the court of fraud. Here are five things to avoid doing before you file your bankruptcy case.

Millennials Hit Hardest By Student Loans

Student loan bankruptcy

Student loan study shows Millennials struggling

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Student loans are a growing plague on our economy and affect consumers of all ages. However, not all are affected equally. A recent study by AARP and Association of Young Americans found that Millennials (individuals ages 21 - 36) are the hardest hit by this debt, among all the generations in the US.

Child Support and Alimony During Wilmington Bankruptcy

Child support and bankruptcy

Child support and alimony during bankruptcy

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Wilmington bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can be used to combat most debts. Once you file, the automatic stay kicks into effect, ensuring you get a breather from your obligations. Once you complete your case all the way to bankruptcy discharge, the relief from most debts is permanent. However, it doesn’t work that way with all bills.

Are Your Student Loans Eligible for Bankruptcy Discharge?

student loans bankruptcy

Student loan problems?

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As student loan debt consumes more Americans, the search for solutions intensifies. One option to consider is bankruptcy. At one time, student loans were much easier to discharge in bankruptcy, then it got much harder, and now the pendulum may be swinging the other way finally.

5 Things Not To Avoid When You’re Being Hounded by Debt Collectors

Debt collection call

Hassled by a debt collector?

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Owing debt you can’t afford stinks. Owing debt you can’t afford and being hassled for payment by a debt collector is even worse. You likely never meant to let the bill go unpaid, but sometimes life gets away from you and money problems occur.

Bankruptcy Student Loan Discharge – What You Should Know

student loan stress

Stressed about student loans

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Very few debts are ineligible for bankruptcy discharge. Among them are recent income taxes, alimony, child support, and student loans. Also, ineligible are debts taken fraudulently or via theft or other similar shady means. However, student loans weren’t always nondischargeable – so how and why did they get carved out of the federal debt relief mechanism?

5 Great After-Effects of Wilmington Bankruptcy

Happy after bankruptcy

Life can be better after bankruptcy

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For those deep in debt looking for a better way, Wilmington bankruptcy might be the answer. There are two types of bankruptcy to consider – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Outcomes vary slightly between these and which you can file hinges on your debt, income, assets, costs of living, and family size. No matter which you choose, there are some positive outcomes you’ll enjoy after filing bankruptcy.

New Student Loan Forgiveness Lawsuit – Can It Help You Ditch Your School Debt?

Navient lawsuit

Student loan servicer Navient facing another lawsuit

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Student loans can be burdensome, but Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) offers hope to millions of borrowers. This program offers debt relief through service to police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, social workers, and other public servants. But now, a new class-action lawsuit accuses federal loan servicing company Navient of shortchanging student loan borrowers and making their road to debt discharge needlessly difficult and, in some cases, impossible.


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