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Delaying Greensboro Bankruptcy Can Be Disastrous

Financial stress

Are you living in a financial sweatbox?

Image by Abigail Keenan via Unsplash

Have you ever been in a car accident where you felt like time was moving in slow motion? There was the point that you realized you were about to crash, but you didn’t know how bad it would be once it happened. Financial disasters are like that. You usually see them coming but don’t know how bad things will get. Think of Greensboro bankruptcy as the ambulance you call in a financial wreck. It can save you, but the later you wait, the greater the chance for lasting injury.

Student Loans Puts Lives on Hold

Student loans

Are student loans holding you back?

Image via Pexels

Student loans are a crisis growing by the day. While many student loan borrowers find a way to afford their loan payments, many others struggle. Some live with a lower quality of life to afford their debt, and many miss out on financial opportunities and delay major life decisions and purchases. It’s known that student loan debt slows rates of marriage, starting a family, and home ownership.

Celebrity Bankruptcy Alert: Lil' Kim Tries to Save Home in Chapter 13

Lil Kim bankruptcy

Rap star Lil Kim files bankruptcy to save her home

Image via Pexels

Losing a home to foreclosure is undoubtedly one of the most stressful outcomes from a personal financial crisis. Wilmington bankruptcy is a reliable solution to put the brakes on foreclosure. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can stop a foreclosure auction, but the path to saving your home differs with each. Even celebrities turn to bankruptcy to keep their homes. One recent celebrity bankruptcy filer trying to shield her house from foreclosure is hip-hop star Lil' Kim.

Court Rejects Student Loan Discharge – Tells Debtor to Stop 401(k), Get Tiny Apartment

Bankruptcy ruling

A new bankruptcy court ruling

Image via Pixabay

A recent court decision is worrisome for struggling student loan debtors. The US Bankruptcy Court issued a harsh ruling in the case of Janice Faye Hopson v. Illinois Student Assistance Commission and U.S. Department of Education. Here’s a look at the case, the unforgiving outcome, and what it means for those struggling to pay their college debt.

7 Things to Do After Greensboro Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy next steps

What's next after Greensboro bankruptcy?

Image by Dan Gold via Unsplash

The day you get your bankruptcy discharge is one for celebration. It’s a break-out-the-champagne, dance-in-the-streets moment. With your Greensboro bankruptcy discharge achieved, you’ve wiped out debt, bill collectors aren’t dogging your steps, and you’ve got room to breathe. So, now what? Check out these seven post-discharge steps to make the most of your fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy Victory for Student Loan Debtor

Student loan court verdict

Court verdict offers hope for student loan debtors

Image via Pixabay

Student loan debtors eyeing bankruptcy relief for their college debt have a cause to celebrate after a recent court victory. A United States bankruptcy court in Iowa just granted a full discharge of student loans in a case that reflects a growing judicial shift on undue hardship and student debt.

Awesome Powers of the Automatic Stay in Wilmington Bankruptcy

Automatic bankruptcy stay

Stop debt collectors with Wilmington bankruptcy

Image by John Matychuk via Unsplash

One of the worst things about a personal financial crisis is dealing with debt collectors. Once you get behind on bills, you can expect your home and cell phones to start ringing, your mailbox to fill with late notices, and to be harassed with calls at work as well. Wilmington bankruptcy can help.

5 Ways to Get Your Student Loans Paid Off (By Someone Else)

Student loans

Need a tip on student loan debt?

Image via Unsplash

Student loans are a burdensome reality for most college graduates. If you’re struggling with a stack of loans you can't afford, no doubt you’re looking for answers. Advice about brown bagging lunch and skipping Starbucks is nice, but when you’ve got $50k in student loans, it seems like a drop in the bucket.

401(k) Loans Are A Tough Case in Greensboro Bankruptcy

401k loan

How 401(k) loans are treated in bankruptcy

Image via Unsplash

When planning for your future, a 401(k) account helps you plan for your golden years. Many employers provide 401(k) investment opportunities for their employees – and offer a match that can help you set aside even more for your golden years. That account is an asset, and you might not know this, but you can borrow against it. If you file Greensboro bankruptcy, you should carefully consider the fate of your 401(k) and any applicable loans.

Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans?


Should you consolidate student loans?

Image via Unsplash

It’s rare that someone has just one student loan. Even if your major stays the same and you stick to the same college and power through in four years or less, you won’t have just one student loan. You’ll have many. That’s one of the reasons it can be a challenge to get your debt under control in the aftermath of leaving college.


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